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This $12 Pastry Mat Will Help You Make the Best Pie of Your Life

One of the best parts about Thanksgivings is the slew of pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies to be enjoyed as leftovers for days afterward. Because if eating pumpkin pie for breakfast is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. But preparing all those delicious, Instagram-friendly dishes is no easy feat, especially when combined with the stress of the holidays. […]

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All The Grocery Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day, Because You Know You’re Going To Forget Something

You know what happens to the best-laid plans, right? They go awry. Meaning that Thanksgiving shopping list you triple-checked actually had something missing—and you probably won’t notice it until the morning of the holiday. Luckily, a whole slew of supermarket chains have bet on the fact that you’ll do just that, and they’re keeping their doors open for last-minute purchases. […]

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