It helps you plan meals and create shopping and grocery lists to gather all the items you need to prepare vegan recipes. As a recipe app with a …

Why Now Is the Right Time to Invest in a Chest Freezer

The day I married my husband—a Kentucky-bred man—I not only took on a Southern man, but also his need to own a chest freezer. I was a little surprised at first: After all, we are a childless couple, we neither hunt nor fish, and we live in downtown Chicago, so we are never more than a few blocks from a […]

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The Brilliant Secret to Making Better Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of my specialties. Years of Thanksgivings under my belt have made me something of an expert. I make extra-smooth and velvety butter-laden versions for fancy dinner parties, and rustic barely-smashed skin-on versions for more casual gatherings. Mashed potatoes are my top-tier comfort food, desert island dish, and the thing I crave most the moment the weather […]

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Where Have All the Dollar Menus Gone?

Fast-food restaurants have been engaged in burger wars since the first slab of seared meat came sizzling off a flat top grill. And we don’t just mean those Twitter fights over square patties and frozen meat.  No, restaurants have been trying to out-price and out-promote one another with outlandish deals, over-the-top menu items, and even absurd marketing gimmicks for decades. […]

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