12 Gorgeous Hot Chocolate Creations to Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

Sure, you could choose to think of this cold weather as totally miserable, or you could look at the bright side and use the weather as an excuse for all the hot chocolate your heart and taste buds could possibly desire (boozy or otherwise). If you want something a little more festive than a packet of Swiss Miss in some hot water, check out these gorgeous hot chocolates we found on Instagram for some wintry inspiration.


Das Wintergetränk 2017: Heiße Rotwein-Schokolade! ? + ? = #nomnomhicksnom Link zum Rezept in Bio. #rittersport #quadratischpraktischgut #?? #schokomoment #lieblingsschokolade #gluehweinrezept #gluehwein #redwinehotchocolate #heißerkakao #roweka

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Combine the heartwarming joy of hot cocoa with the skin-warming joy of red wine with red wine hot chocolate. Learn how to make your own here.


Dear pink hot cocoa, it’s the end of 2017 and I plan on continuing our loving relationship far into 2018. ??☕️ Seriously though, have you guys ever had colorful hot chocolate?! It’s a game-changer! ??

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More into pink than red? This bright pink hot chocolate is a good one to keep in mind come Valentine’s Day. (Alas, it’s not actually made from pink chocolate.)


My first attempt at Unicorn Hot Chocolate ??? #unicorntrainer

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If pinkness isn’t enough to make your hot chocolate feel magical, try unicorn-ifying it. For extra magic, have it in a unicorn mug.


I hope you had an amazing day spent with those you love! We had a fun and relaxing time today hanging out together as a family. We played with some of the kids’ gifts, made lots of food, and finished the day watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate! Recipe for the hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows are on the blog!Merry Christmas, sweet friends! ❤️? “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭ . . . . . #hotchocolate #cocoa #hotcocoa #marshmallows #snowman #merrychristmas #christmas #foodphotography #foodstyling #feedfeed #wifemamafoodie #foodie #glutenfree #dairyfree #almondmilk #chocolate #f52grams #instayum #vscofood #refinedsugarfree #honey #paleo #grainfree #howiholiday #rslove #bonappetit #foodandwine #buzzfeast #huffposttaste

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Of course, half the fun of hot chocolate is the marshmallows. Bonus points if you make your own.


Who’s been sweet this season? Tag someone who deserves this hot chocolate from @bombobar. ?: @jn_eats #ChicagoHome

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Marshmallow not quite enough topping? How about adding some chocolate bars, a chocolate drizzle, some cookies, and a whole freaking doughnut? Chicago’s Bombobar has you covered.


Hi Chicago! Cooler Chocolate and Matcha Heaven from @BomboBar is one of my favorite dessert bars so far! Thank you @bombobar and @morgan.scofes for having us! ♥️ Watch my story to see what we've eaten so far! (Click on my profile picture!)

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There’s also a matcha hot chocolate version for green tea lovers. If you can’t make it out to Chicago, you can always make your own matcha white hot chocolate.


wishing you and yours a cozy one ✨✨✨any christmas eve traditions out there?! mike and i always eat crinkle cut fries in the afternoon on christmas eve ? candy cane hot chocolate and peppermint bark waffles brownies are good too though ?

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For maximum wintry-ness, peppermint hot chocolate (or a peppermint hot chocolate cocktail) is the way to go.


It's hot CHOCOLATE season! ?☕️ Do yourself a favor and1. make this creamy, delicious coconut milk hot dark chocolate 2. add some marshmallows 3. thank me later.Recipe link in bio! . . https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/2015/11/coconut-milk-hot-chocolate/

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This cold spell is pretty much the exact opposite of being on a warm, tropical island, but you can embrace your denial with some coconut cream hot chocolate.


Did you even go to @sweetjesus if you don’t gram it? ? #sweetjesus#smoreshotchocolate

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For extra campfire-style coziness, go for a S’mores-ified hot chocolate with graham cracker crumbs.


Just want to sit in my jammies and watch Hallmark Christmas movies with this. But my to do list will not oblige. #tminusthirteendays #sobehind #nutellahotchocolate #maybeaddsomebourbon #soicanforgetaboutmylist #bahhumbug Repost @larkandlinen

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Or use your hot chocolate as vehicle for Nutella, because what isn’t better as a vehicle for Nutella?


It's been 30 minutes since my first taste of ?? churros and I'm already planning my next fix… help!

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Get twice the warm cozy sweetness with warm churros dipped in hot chocolate.


Even my hot chocolate froze in this weather ❄️❄️ (GIANT and delicious frozen hot chocolate) . . #hotchocolate #desserts #frozen #serendipity #serendipitynyc #nyc #nyceats #foodie #yummy #eat #findingmyself

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Or just accept that everything will be cold all the time everywhere forever, and console yourself with the famous frozen hot chocolate from NYC’s Serendipity 3, featured in our list of the best hot chocolates in the United States.

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