A Quick Look at the Importance of Coffee Roasting

Roasting may be the most underappreciated step when it comes to making coffee. Many coffee snobs get obsessed with how their cup was brewed: French press, pour over, Chemex and the like. And third wave coffee roasters have placed a renewed importance on where beans are sourced. But the type of beans you use and how you brew them don’t mean jack if they’ve been roasted wrong. And though most of us are familiar with the idea of light roasts versus dark roasts, these terms don’t necessarily emphasize how nuanced the entire process can be.

In his continued quest to learn how to make a cup of coffee entirely from scratch, Andy George of the YouTube channel How to Make Everything took a deeper look at what the process of roasting coffee actually entails and how the results impact the flavor of the beans once they’re brewed – a follow up on his video from last week where George looked into how the type of bean impacts flavor.

Though little more than a crash course, the eight minute video includes excerpts from a conversation with master roaster Bob Vaseleski of Dunn Brothers who provides an interesting insight into the mind of a coffee roaster, as well as touching on some of the techniques and chemistry of the process. George also goes back to Café Imports to taste the same beans under different roasts to see just how different roasts can impact flavor.


As his final step, George’s next video will showcase the effects of different coffee brewing methods before he goes on to make his own cup of coffee entirely from scratch. It’s all very cool – though you have to wonder if he realizes there are over 20,000 Starbucks locations.

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