Drinking on a Diet? Here Are Some Things to Think About

Diets and alcohol are natural enemies. Alcohol is inherently high in calories, especially compared to other intoxicants. Pot, for instance, is entirely calorie-free. But with booze, even a shot of vodka is going to cost you about 100 calories. Drink enough alcohol, and your entire diet plan can get tossed out the window thanks to late night food cravings that lead to unnecessary chili cheese fries.

Dealing with those drunken munchies is entirely your onus, but when it comes to picking lower calories drinks at the bar, there are some simple tips you can follow, and the above video from YouTube’s Picture Fit does a decent job of laying out some very basic advice on the subject.

I am going to take them to task on a couple points, however. First, though darker beers tend to be higher in calories than paler beers, that’s not always the case. For instance, Guinness is actually relatively low in calories at just 125 per serving. The best rule of thumb: Since most of the calories in beer come from alcohol, you’re better off looking at ABV than color to try and figure out which beers are most caloric. Also, for the record, when the video says “pale ale,” what it’s really talking about are “IPAs.”

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Also, though lime is low in calories, I’m going to highly contest the point that margaritas and other lime-based drinks are a good choice for those on a diet, primarily because many (mostly crappy) bars aren’t just using lime juice in their margs. They could be tossing in anything from sugary sour mix to something even lamer like Sprite. Better advice, and the video hints at this, is to simply pay attention to the ingredients. Every ingredient that goes into a cocktail contributes to its calories: Keep the sugary ones out to keep your calories down.

All in all though, despite my disagreements, drinking on a diet is certainly a topic worth discussing because alcohol can easily be the downfall of any calorie counting plan.

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