See Soda’s Negative Health Effects Summed Up Succinctly

Ever wonder what would happen to your body if all you drank was soda? In lieu of some sort of ridiculous Super Size Me stunt, you’re probably better off getting your answer from YouTube – which admittedly is still not as authoritative of an option as speaking to health experts firsthand.

The YouTube channel AsapScience has a history of tackling interesting science questions, and this time, they put soda in their sights, looking at what both the sugary version and the diet version can do to our health by posing the question “What If You Only Drank Soda?”

Unsurprisingly, the answer is a lot of bad things – though I’m sure a similar result would stem from focusing your entire diet on any one product. So beyond their initial inquiry, AsapScience looks into the short-term negative effects of soda as well.

Once again, no one seems to have much positive to say about soda these days. As someone who used to drink soda on the regular, I’m frankly a bit surprised I’m even alive to be telling you all this! 

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