Starbucks Slows Its Roll on Special Limited Release Drinks

Sorry, Unicorn Frappuccino lovers. Starbucks is cutting down on the number of special limited-time drinks.

The past year saw a number of special concoctions including the Unicorn Frappuccino, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino and the recent Crystal Ball Frappuccino, which debuted in March 2018. But it seems Starbucks’ tastes have changed. The coffee company is cutting back on those available for a limited time drinks by 30%, USA Today reports.

That said, Starbuckssbuxdid announce several new Frappuccino flavors, which are set to launch in stores next week. However, USA Today pointed out that there’s no word yet on whether these will be permanent fixtures on the menu or if they’ll be another limited-release run.

The special drink releases of last year weren’t all met with enthusiasm. Starbucks baristas specifically noted their loathing for the Unicorn Frappuccino, in particular on social media, while others complained about the sour taste of the greatly anticipated drink.

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