25 Must-Have Trader Joe’s Products for Summer Entertaining

It’s no secret that summer is the ultimate season for entertaining. With rising temperatures and longer days comes extended cocktail hours and epic party spreads. While it can be a pain to plan and execute these seasonal soirees, we’ve learned that stocking up on affordable Trader Joe’s products is the easiest way to execute our crowd-friendly spreads without breaking the bank. 

Whether you’re a backyard barbecue traditionalist, a lover of light Mediterranean spreads, or a fan of fiestas, these TJ’s products will help you pull off all of your summer entertaining endeavors in no time. 

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BBQ Ready 

Nothing says summer quite like a backyard barbecue complete with all the fixings. In addition to being a good source for your standard meats and produce, Trader Joe’s also offers some great pre-made mains, sides, and vegetarian options to complete your grill-centric event. 

Pulled Pork in Smoky BBQ Sauce – Fast-track your BBQ process by opting for this tasty pre-made pulled pork that can be party ready in no time. 

Sweet Pull-Apart Aloha Rolls – Naturally, you’ll need some soft, pillowy buns to serve your pulled pork on, and these golden brown rolls will do the trick. 

Organic Cole Slaw Kit – If you don’t feel like crafting your own slaw, grab this traditional cole slaw mix that comes with a creamy dressing in the bag, making your cookout prep way simpler. 

Jerk Chicken Thigh Skewers with Mango Chutney – For another easy, sweet-and-savory dish, grab these jerk chicken skewers with mango chutney, which can go straight on the grill. 

Veggie Kabobs – Make your vegetarian cookout guests’ day with these tasty, grill-ready meatless kabobs. 

Fiesta Friendly 

For a south-of-the-border inspired summer fiesta, Trader Joe’s has all of the chips, dips, and flavorful meats required to feed all of your hungry, margarita-fueled guests. 

Carne Asada Authentica – This pre-seasoned, thinly sliced sirloin is ready to cook and serve atop fresh tortillas with all the fixings. 

Mexican Style Roasted Corn with Cotija Cheese – Get the taste of esquites at home with minimal effort using this frozen side dish. 

Organic Thick and Chunky Salsa – While there are a number of delicious salsa options at Trader Joe’s, this classic is a real crowd pleaser. 

Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips – Every dip needs its chip, and these crunchy black bean chips will pair well with just about any kind of salsa or guac you serve. 

Cowboy Caviar – This chunky salsa contains a mix of black beans, corn, onions, adobo sauce, chile peppers, and more, making it a great option for pre-dinner snacking.  

Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole with Greek Yogurt – While Trader Joe’s also carries a good standard guacamole option, this slightly tangy guac made with greek yogurt will be the perfect light pairing for chips and crudites. 

Mediterranean Summer

Transport your friends and family to the Mediterranean for the afternoon with the help of some flavorful dips, spreads, and side dishes. 

Mediterranean Hummus – This classic hummus topped with a layer of olive oil and herbs is a stand-out among TJ’s multiple hummus options. 

Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip – This light, Greek yogurt based dip is a great tangy, creamy option for your spread. 

Eggplant Garlic Spread with Sweet Red Peppers – Slather this rich spread on some crusty bread with a sprinkle of feta cheese and you’ve got the perfect Mediterranean appetizer. 

Pita Bite Crackers – These bite-sized pita crackers are the perfect way to scoop up all of your favorite summer dips, so make sure to grab a few boxes. 

Dolmas – A traditional dish of the Mediterranean, these rice-stuffed vine leaves are a must for any mezze spread. 

Spanakopita – These frozen puff pastries filled with spinach, ricotta, and feta can be popped in the oven and served piping hot to all of your sure-to-be-satisfied guests. 

Cheese, Please

When it comes to entertaining in any season, you can’t go wrong with an epic cheese spread. Luckily, TJ’s has a bounty of cheese and charcuterie options that will help you achieve the cheese board of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

Unexpected Cheddar This creamy, tangy aged cheddar is a Trader Joe’s favorite. Go the extra mile and turn it into an Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Ball to serve with crackers and pretzels. 

Toscano Cheese – A delicious middle ground between parmesan and cheddar, this black pepper infused cheese will transport you to Italy. 

12-Month Aged Manchego Cheese – Aged to perfection, this sheep’s milk cheese is the perfect addition to any board. 

Goat Milk Brie –  Goat cheese lovers will lose it over this creamy brie, which can be paired with dried fruit, honey, and preserves for the perfect bite. 

Spicy Uncured Charcuterie Selection – Make your party prep easier by opting for this pre-sliced tray containing three delicious Italian meats. 

Dessert Made Easy

It’s not a true summer party without a tasty frozen dessert to top everything off. Make your life easier by opting for a pre-made crowd pleaser that will satisfy the inner child in everyone: ice cream sandwiches. Trader Joe’s offers a few varieties of these classic treats, so that every guest can get exactly what they’re craving.

Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches – The name alone should be enough to sell you on these slightly more sophisticated ice cream sandwiches, which pair together one of the best flavor combinations ever: coffee and chocolate. 

Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls – These bite-sized mint ice cream sandwiches are perfect for guests who have filled up on the snack spread and just need a little something sweet. 

Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches – Sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, and coated in chocolate chips, this summery treat is nearly impossible to resist.   


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