5 New Ways to Cook With Pickles

We’ve noticed something: You really seem to like pickles. Frankly the internet can’t get enough of them, whether they’re used in lieu of hoagie buns or sliced and dried out like potato chips. People are nuts about those gallon-size jugs of pickle juice on Amazon and may have even made a pickle bouquet. We all clearly have a thing for pickles, so why not cook with them more often? They deserve more than their status as a garnish. Do all of these recipes sound a little weird? Yes. But if your dedication to pickles is true, you ought to give them a try. 

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Utah Pickle Pie

The Sunglow Cafe in Bicknell, Utah, perfected this seemingly odd dessert and made it famous. More cautious palates may want to start out with this pie, which is pretty mild on the pickle flavor thanks to its sweet elements. If anything, it tastes like a creamy chess pie with a little bit of tang and crunch from shredded sweet pickles. Get the recipe. 

Pickle Bun Reuben Sandwiches

If bread isn’t doing it for you these days (or you’ve cut out carbs), skip the bun and use a nice, big jumbo dill pickle instead. Thanks to the pickle’s juiciness and irresistable crunch, the Reuben takes on a whole new layer of delicious without ruining the sanctity of its fillings. Get the recipe. 

Pickle Chicken Chowder

This is the most delicious use for pickle juice you’ve ever heard of. Chowder thrives on salt and a kick of acid, so mixing pickle juice in to add brininess to the hearty dish is a crazy-good move. Get the recipe. 

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Pickle Ice Cream

Paired with a crunchy peanut butter topping, pickle ice cream makes sense, especially if you’ve got a sweet and salty tooth. Homemade ice cream and bread and butter pickles make a surprisingly good pair. Get the recipe. 

Dill Pickle Focaccia 

If jalapenos work with cornbread, then dill pickles will work with focaccia. This homemade bread is easy to prepare and hits all the notes you want with a mixture of savory, salty, and cheesy flavor. Get the recipe. 

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