9 Ingredients Chef Andrew Zimmern Can't Live Without During Quarantine


If you’re anything like chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern, you’ve got a few must-have pantry and fridge staples stashed in your quarantine stockpile. The four-time James Beard Award winner has no shortage of restaurant, writing, and TV credits to his name, including two new shows in 2020, What’s Eating America on MSNBC, and Family Dinner, currently in production for the soon-to-launch Magnolia Network helmed by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

We caught up with Zimmern in the apartment he’s temporarily renting during quarantine for a kitchen tour, where he revealed he had to select only his very favorite things to take from his overflowing home kitchen to quarantine with. Here are condiments, sweets, and one surprising ingredient that made the cut.

What’s in Andrew Zimmern’s Pantry?

In the pantry, aka laundry room, Zimmern has a shelf stocked with non-perishable goodies, including favorites like:

  • Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls “Occasionally I’ve got a sweet tooth. I like British candies and mints. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are some of the most delicious treats in the whole world”
  • A Whole Lotta Matzo “I love Matzo and it was just Passover. You know how some people just have the box that was leftover? I have the case that was leftover.”
  • Asian Pantry Staples, from Chinese toasted sesame paste to Thai sticky rice, occupy the very top shelf. “You’ve got to have your stuff in one place, so when the craving hits you’re all ready to go”

What’s in Andrew Zimmern’s Fridge?

  • Huilerie Beaujolaise Calamansi Vinegar “I have about 40 different bottles of vinegar in the house. This is my favorite one. Southeast Asian citrus fruit, kind of a cross between a lime and a tangerine, absolutely breathtaking.”
  • Momofuku Ssam Sauce “Cannot get enough!”
  • Dave’s Coffee Syrup “Can’t live without it. How else do you make your coffee milk or your coffee milkshakes?”
  • Zakuson Gourmet Mustard Hot “Some people like really, really strong mustard, and I am one of them. This is Russian mustard that’s made with extra mustard seed oil. It is wicked hot and has this angry lady on front, and the nickname for this is mother-in-law mustard. Don’t ask me why."
  • Preserved Vegetables: Mustard stems and bamboo shoots, Japanese pickled cucumbers
  • Country Ham Trimmed Fat Pieces "It’s absolutely the most delicious thing you can cook in. It lends a swiney funkiness to anything that’s cooked in it."
  • Sour Cherry Conserve: “Can’t live without this. It’s a secret ingredient in a lot of sauces, but also just a spoon of it over vanilla ice cream is so good.”

The final verdict from Chef Zimmern for keeping your pantry stocked during quarantine? “Keep it simple, and keep your favorites on tap.”

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