Air fryer chicken wings recipe with ‘extra crispy skin’

According to @cuzziburger on TikTok, his air fryer chicken wing recipe is so damn good, he “can’t even order wings” when he eats out “because it’s always disappointing”.

His video has been watched by 12.4 million people on the social media app. As for what makes his recipe better than the rest, it’s his “secret ingredient”.

Cuzzi explained: “Chicken wings are probably my favourite thing to make in the air fryer, [and] I’ve picked up a couple of tricks along the way to make them extra crispy.”

First, remove the chicken wings from the packaging and pat dry with a couple of pieces of paper towel.

He added: “I put them on a wire rack – uncovered in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, overnight if you can but I wouldn’t go longer than 24 hours as that’s when the chicken starts to get leathery.”

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Anyone concerned about placing meat uncovered in the fridge, The Ginger Pig butchers said “with any cut of meat, take it out the packaging (even with mince) and lie it uncovered on a plate in the very bottom of your fridge. This helps to air get to it even more, as the bottom of the fridge is the coolest place”.

So it is safe to place uncovered meat in the fridge. Once removed from the fridge, he places the wings into a bowl.

Cuzzi added: “When it comes to seasoning, I do something different every time, but I keep coming back to this combo.”

He pours a little oil over the wings and makes sure they’re evenly covered, then adds Meat Church’s Holy Cow BBQ seasoning which is a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic blend and, then Creole seasoning.

The chicken wings are then mixed before baking powder is added.

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“Baking powder is the secret ingredient,” he revealed. “It does some science to the chicken and makes the skin extra crispy.”

You can then add any other sauces or flavourings, he said: “Sometimes I add chipotle or cayenne.”

As for the cooking instructions, Cuzzi said: “So then they go in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, then you want to flip them and cook them for another 12 minutes. Then flip them again and cook for another five minutes.”

Once he removed them, he showed everyone just how crispy the skin was: “Look how freaking crispy that is.”

The video received several comments, many of which were suggesting to use of cornstarch instead of baking powder for crispy skin.

One said: “Try cornstarch instead of baking powder! Trust me.” Another wrote: “I second the corn starch over baking soda.”

A third added: “Uncovered in the fridge with baking powder trust me.” But someone else offered: “Yeah, you’ve gotta do the baking powder before the fridge rest.”

As for how well the chicken wings turned out, one TikTok user noted: “Made some tonight! The Baking Powder made them the crispiest wings I’ve ever had! Amazing!”

“Bruh, simple and best way to cook wings, thank you! It works!” A second chimed. Someone else commented: “I made these and my hubby was over the moon for them!!”

One suggested: “For that last five mins, toss them in sauce of choice and then do the last five mins. They’ll be INCREDIBLE the sauce caramelises on them.”

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