‘All is good!’ Joy as McDonald’s Monopoly returns to the UK today after 2 years away

Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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McDonald’s Monopoly gives customers the opportunity to win everything from free burgers to thousands of pounds in cash. This year, fans could get their hands on a brand-new prize: a VIP Gold Card.

Due to return in March this year, McDonald’s Monopoly was delayed until now.

After a two-and-a-half-year pause because of the pandemic, the iconic game is back in all McDonald’s restaurants.

The competition promises to be bigger and better this year.

A thousand customers will be in for a chance to win the never-before-seen exclusive McDonald’s VIP Gold Card.

McDonald’s said: “The winners of these Gold Cards will receive the ultimate VIP treatment, not only winning epic bragging rights but the lucky 1000 will also be able to claim a free medium meal every week from their local restaurant for a whole 12 months.”

The VIP Gold Card is an instant win item and will be awarded as vouchers on the My McDonald’s App.

Winners will be entitled to one free medium meal every week for 52 weeks from the date they redeem the vouchers.

To redeem the VIP Gold Card, as well as other prizes, all McDonald’s customers need to do is buy qualifying food items at the fast-food chain’s restaurants.

These items include Chicken Selects three or five pieces, Chicken Legend, Chicken Tasty, Big Tasty with or without Bacon, Medium or Large Fizzy Drink, Medium or Large Fries, Mozzarella Dippers, and McFlurry.

When bought over the counter, via drive-thru, or by delivery, customer can find special stickers on these items.

The stickers can be peeled off from the packaging, and offer three different types of games piece.

These are Instant Win, Play Online, and Property Sets.

Customers should then follow the instructions printed on the sticker in order to claim their prize.

McDonald’s Monopoly prizes can range from free menu items to technology and cars.

In the past, prizes have included cash sums of up to £100,000, £2,000 to spend towards holidays, cars, PS Pros, shopping vouchers, mobile phones, and experiences.

Instant Wins in the past have included free ice cream, six chicken nuggets and hash browns.

This year, winners of the VIP Gold Card will be able to claim a free medium meal every week from their local McDonald’s restaurant for an entire year.

McDonald’s fans were quick to express their delight at the game’s comeback on social media this week.

One person said: “Hang on McDonald’s Monopoly is back today omg please yes pick me pick me.”

Another person wrote: “McDonald’s Monopoly is coming back… the world is healing.”

One person commented: “So my love life is falling apart but McDonald’s Monopoly starts again tomorrow so all is good.”

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