Angry Aldi shoppers refuse to use self-service tills despite nationwide success

ALDI shoppers have been angered by the supermarket after it was revealed that the budget grocer will be replacing normal tills with upgraded self-service ones, with many customers vowing to “never” use the self-help service despite nationwide success.


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Budget supermarket Aldi’s attempt to introduce self-service checkouts in their stores is not going according to plan as shopper online protest latest upgrade, despite in-store trials being successful.

Following a trial at their Glascote store in Staffordshire the retailer said they would now be rolling out the tills in four more stores, reports the Liverpool Echo.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Following positive feedback, we’ve extended our trial of self-service checkouts to four more locations to further improve the customer experience.”

Despite it not being clear at this stage whether or not the tills will be rolled out across all Aldi stores in the future, shoppers have still hit back at prospect.

In comments on the Echo’s What’s On Facebook page, many were quick to state they would not be using the tills, with a one going as far as proclaiming they will “never” use the tills.

One user said: “I wouldn’t use them. Pay for staff checkouts a lot of us like a bit of chat with a real person, not a machine.”

A second added: “A machine doing a person’s job? Outrageous!!! A machine can never give you a personal touch.”

Another said: “Self service is taking away people’s income and will be slower using a machine. No machine can go as fast as an Aldi till operator person.”

While a fourth added: “Well I won’t be using them.”

The four new locations which will be getting self-service tills as part of Aldi’s ongoing trial include Woodgate in Leicester, Manchester Arndale, Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire and Bedford.

However, some shoppers did support the thought of being able to use self-service tills at Aldi stores.

One user said: “At last, hate having to queue when you only have a few bits.”

Another added: “I think it’s a great idea and a way for a bargain superstore to keep the prices even lower, six tills, one staff member, the rest will be busy loading the shelves as they can never keep up.

“I like hands-off service, to be honest.”


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This back-lash comes amid, news that the budget retailer has been selected as one of the best – and most affordable – supermarkets offering a delicious Valentine’s Day dine-in meal for two.

Budget supermarket, Aldi, is offering it’s customers a dine-in deal that won’t break the bank at just £10.

The discounter is launching a range of starters, mains, sides, and desserts for the romantic day, including steak and heart-shaped pancakes.

However, unlike other supermarkets, the deal – which launches in stores on February 11 – isn’t a set price.

Instead, how much you pay will depend on what items you pick from its so-called specially selected range.

The cheapest combination is a £2.99 sharing bread with Camembert, followed by a main of salmon fillets with heart-shaped butter for £3.19, eaten with a side of chips or mashed potatoes for £1.99. For dessert, you might like Aldi’s mini heart-shaped pancakes at £1.49.

This adds up to £9.66 for two, or £4.83 per person – while the most expensive items win the meal deal range cost £13.94 in total – making it a much cheaper alternative to dining out at a restaurant on February 14.

Other supermarkets who have launched a Valentine’s Day dine-in range include; Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Co-Op.

But according to reports, luxury supermarket, Marks and Spencer holds the ultimate title for “best” Valentine’s Day dine-in deal.

High street favourite M&S has announced that its popular Valentine’s offering will be back again this year and it’s full of special treats for a budget-friendly price of £20.

However, this year, there is one major change.

Shoppers at the luxury supermarket will have the choice between an aromatic bottle of wine or a sweet cocktail concoction to complement their tasty meal.

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