Avocado tip is the ‘safest way’ to remove stone ‘without a knife’

The nutritional benefits of Avocados

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Everyone seems to have their own method of cutting open an avocado and removing the stone, but one social media influencer believes she has found the “safest way”. Food content creator Ashely Johnston is one half of the cooking duo Twin Coast, a cooking blog ran alongside her sister Taylor.

The foodies post recipes and cooking hacks to TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, as well as their blog. Ashely said she discovered her avocado opening hack after cutting herself while trying to remove the stone from the fruit with a knife.

In a video shared to Youtube Shorts, Ashely said: “I don’t know about you guys but I have fallen victim to cutting myself opening up avocados.

“I think a lot of people have had the same issues because when you cut it open you smack it to get the seed out but today I am going to show you a way safer way and honestly I think it’s going to save a lot of palms.”

The first and only step to require a knife is when you gently slice the avocado in half. You should do this from top to bottom around the outer edge of the fruit, stopping when the knife hits the pit.


Ashely explained: “First you are going to want to slice your avocado open and then you are going to take two fingers and place them on either side of the pit.

“We are just going to push with our thumb on the back of the avocado and this is going to release the pit.”

If the fruit is ripe enough to eat, then the stone should slide right out without needing the need for cutting it. Ashely continued: “Just like that we have our avocado pit removed safely and there are no knives needed. I’d say this is the safest way possible.”

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The YouTube video has been “liked” by followers over 2,000 times, with commenters sharing their opinion on the hack.

Addison said: “I think this hack is really smart but you can just squeeze the sides of the avocado and it will come out just as easy.” Another commenter pointed out that you still need a knife to complete the “no knife” hack, writing: “Well, you do need a knife to cut it open. Also, I use a spoon.”

Using a spoon seems to be a popular way to remove the pit without having to bring a knife into the equation.

Breanna said: “I don’t see why a lot of people stab the pit and do all this crazy stuff when you could just up a spoon.”

Mark added: “I’ve always used a teaspoon since I ever started eating avocados. Logically seems most appropriate for the shape and size of the seed.”

To remove the stone from an avocado using a stone, cut and twist open your avocado as usual. Next, place the spoon behind the curve of the seed and simply leverage it out. The stone should pop out easily at this point. You can also use the spoon to remove the fruit from the skin in one smooth movement.

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