Avoid using basket in supermarket to save hundreds – ‘simple and very effective’ hack

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TikTok is full of money-saving tricks and experts at NerdWallet have compiled the best hacks to save hundreds a year. Many TikTokers said not using a basket or trolley in the supermarket is a very useful way to save money on the grocery bill. Why?

Experts at NerdWallet explained: “Avoid baskets where possible.

“Many TikTok hack videos advise shoppers to avoid using a basket if you’re just at the supermarket for a couple of things.

“This reduces the temptation to pick up items you didn’t plan on buying.”

Avoiding a basket where possible can be a very “simple, yet effective” way to stick to the grocery list and “just buy what you came in the store for”.

This is especially useful “if you only came in for a few ingredients you forgot during your last visit”.

They added: “Once you’ve grabbed the items you need, there’s only a certain amount of extra items you can carry, which should keep your grocery budget in check and help prevent impulse buying from being tempted by deals whilst in store.”

Another “great way to save money” is to time the weekly shop to find the most yellow sticker items on the shelves.

From NerdWallet, they explained it “could be useful to find out what time this occurs in your preferred shop” but warned “it is important to not let yellow reduction stickers tempt you into buying items unnecessarily”.

“Shoppers should still only buy the item if they had planned on purchasing it as part of their shop – not just because it has money off it.”

The money experts also explained shoppers should “avoid shopping at eye level”.

They said: “Supermarkets reportedly place premium items at eye level to encourage shoppers to pick them over cheaper alternatives. That’s why many savvy Tiktokers suggest scanning the shelves from top to bottom to find the cheaper priced items.

“Alternatively, shoppers may be able to find cheaper priced products in the longer life aisle as opposed to fresh options.”

Many TikTok users said there are ways to make sure shoppers never forget their own bags, which also means an extra charge at the supermarket.

Always keeping spare bags in the car, keeping them by the front door or near the keys, placing a reminder on the door or writing “bags” on top of the shopping list are some useful ways to remember.

Shoppers can also leave baskets in the boot of the car to unload their shopping straight from the trolley.

Another money-saving hack found on TikTok is picking items from the back of the shelf.

NerdWallet explained: “We all want to get the best dates possible on our food products and make sure the bread we’ve purchased will still be in date in a few days’ time.

“Pick items that are further back on the shelf, as they will most likely have longer best-before dates.

“Supermarket staff will often put the earliest dates to the front of the shelf when restocking, so customers will be tempted to grab the item closest to them.

“But if shoppers dig a little deeper, they may be likely to find the best dates. As they may be fresher, they should last longer, and reduce the likelihood of it being wasted by going out of date before being used.”

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