Best method to cook the ‘tastiest’ turkey for 14 people in 35 minutes

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Online healthy retailer Musclefood shared their Sous Vide Turkey that helps speed up the cooking process while cutting the costs of buying high-quality meat. Finding low-cost ingredients to feed the whole family during the Christmas period can be a lifesaver and MuscleFood’s 2.5kg turkey cost £34.99 which works out at £2.50 per serving for a group of 14 people, and costs just 17p to cook in a conventional fan oven.

According to experts at MuscleFood, a standard turkey, which cooks for four hours in a fan oven, costs households £1.19.

That means that those cooking the 35-minute turkey will “spend 86 percent less on their energy bill”.

They explained the Sous Vide approach comes from a French technique which focuses on temperature control to produce a tender and moist piece of meat.

While MuscleFood’s turkey arrives fully cooked, it will still need to be put in the oven for 35 minutes before serving.

“When pre-sliced, the turkey can be cooked in just 15 minutes in the air fryer, costing households even less at 13.9p,” they added.

This year, planning Christmas meals will be a challenge for many families as soaring food prices have pushed inflation to a 40-year-high.

Muscle Food said: “This Christmas turkey is aimed at families who want to enjoy high-quality food without having to splash the cash by trying to make sure there’s enough meat on everyone’s plate, with enough food for Boxing Day leftovers.”

Tom Bennet, head of NPD for, added: “Christmas is a tough time for many families, but this year is harder than ever amid the cost-of-living crisis.

“With food prices soaring across the country, it can be difficult to provide meals to everyone who wants to come over for Christmas.

“This is why we’ve introduced our Sous Vide turkey centrepiece which can serve up to 14 people.

“The turkey is dosed in delicious flavours and the chef-quality meat which is typically served in high-end kitchens, can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

“Our turkey is seasoned by our professional team of butchers and the low cooking time of 35 minutes means less hassle and running around in the kitchen on the busy day. It also means your oven’s on for less time making it cheaper too.

“The Sous Vide cooking technique is tailored to keep the meat moist and tender – so you won’t be left with a dry turkey on Christmas!”

The MuscleFood website explained the Sous Vide Turkey Breast is probably “the tastiest Turkey treat you’re likely to eat”. 

Michelin chef Tommy Banks previously shared his best tips to achieve a moist turkey this Christmas and to “avoid it going dry”.

A useful tip, he explained, is using a roasting rack. “Though you don’t technically need one, a roasting rack allows the air to circulate around the bottom of your turkey in the oven, which means that soggy skin is way less of a risk.”.

Before the turkey goes in the oven and while it roasts, he recommended people add a lot of butter. “It’s key for crispy, flavourful, golden skin. Use more butter than you feel comfortable with,” he said.

According to the chef, the secret to making a moist and tasty turkey is to separate the thighs from the breasts as the brown meat takes longer to cook than the white meat. He shared his number one hack: “When roasting the whole bird, the key is to cook the legs longer than the breast.

“Once the breast is cooked, remove the bird from the oven, remove the legs and then put them back in. This stops the breasts drying out,” he explained.

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