Best place to store ketchup – Heinz weighs in and only 63 percent are correct

Most of us have ketchup and mayonnaise in our kitchens but many will be storing them in completely the wrong place.

The cupboard versus fridge debate has been a long standing one, but an expert has put it to rest.

AEG partnered up with professional head chef Anna Williams to share guidance on where to store these two condiments.

Anna stated that ketchup and mayonnaise are fine to be stored in a “cold” cupboard until opened.

However, once they are opened, they should be kept in the fridge with their lids on at all times.

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According to Anna’s findings, 71 percent of the UK believe that mayonnaise should be stored in the fridge.

A whopping 43 percent went as far as to say that 43 percent would refuse to eat it if it had not been stored in the fridge beforehand.

Ketchup has a far more even split, with 44 percent advocating for fridge storage and 51 percent for the cupboard. 

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Heinz UK weighed in on the ketchup debate in June of this year, stating: “FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. Fridge!!!”

Twitter went wild over the revelation and a subsequent poll which asked ketchup lovers where they store the stuff.

Out of 13,178 votes, just over 63 percent opted for the fridge and just under 37 percent for the cupboard.

Heinz UK revealed that Cardiff is the city with the most people keeping ketchup in the fridge “where it belongs”.

Ketchup lovers were divided. @AmandaJDee revealed that she keeps it in the cupboard “as I hate cold ketchup on warm food”. “Do fridge dwellers eat cold ketchup? Or bring it out hours before a meal?”

@Daniieelleee counteracted this: “Cupboard until it is opened and as per instructions in the fridge. Anyone who keeps in the cupboard after opening is weird.”

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