Best way to store strawberries – clever trick to make strawberries ‘last for days’

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Strawberries are the perfect summer fruit and are at their best in the UK during the spring and summer months. Whether you enjoy yours as is, with lashings of cream or in a dessert – the short shelf life of strawberries can be frustrating. However, there are steps you can take to make your strawberries last longer.

With fruit and vegetables getting more and more expensive, making them last longer is key to getting the most for your money.

Once strawberries lose their freshness, they begin to get mushy and the sweetness fades. They can also develop mould which spreads quickly to other fruit.

However, with just white vinegar and water you can prolong the life of strawberries by a few days.

Read on for how to make strawberries last longer.

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You will need

-White vinegar


-Colander or salad spinner

-A large bowl

First, add half a cup of white vinegar and two and a half cups of water to a large bowl.

Add the strawberries to the mixture and allow to sit for several minutes.

The acetic acid in white vinegar acts as a disinfectant and will kill any bacteria or mould spores on the fruit.

Remove the strawberries and dry them thoroughly.

You can do this by popping them into a salad spinner with some paper towels or letting them dry in a colander.

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It’s important to make sure you dry them completely as excess moisture can cause them to mould faster.

Then store the strawberries in the fridge on top of a paper towel.

You can also extend the life of blackberries and raspberries with this method.

Another way to ensure your strawberries last longer is to keep the stems attached for as long as possible.

If you spot any rogue berries going mouldy or soft, remove as soon as possible to prevent the mould from spreading.

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