Do Yourself a Favor and Buy This Kitchen Scale That's Perfect for Fall Baking

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With chilly weather settling in and big gatherings of family and friends on the horizon, fall is the perfect time to warm up your home with freshly-baked treats. And even if you’re just planning on whipping up a simple recipe of sugar cookies, do yourself a favor and buy a kitchen scale.

A food scale is the most accurate way to measure ingredients — baking is an art and a science, after all. Plus, it cuts down on mess since there’s no need for fluffing, tapping, and leveling off flour (that ultimately gets everywhere) in measuring cups. But if you don’t already own this kitchen essential, now’s the time: Amazon’s number one best-selling kitchen scale is more than half off.

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Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Weight Scale

To buy: $9 (originally $19);

The Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale is designed to measure all your ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters, and has a separate mode for weighing the volume of liquids. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it also features an easy-to-read LCD display with a low battery indicator. What’s more, the scale’s slim shape is strong enough to hold 11 pounds, but can easily be stored in the tiniest of spaces.

Over 6,000 Amazon shoppers have given the scale a perfect five-star rating, with many calling it an essential baking tool.

“Good simple and inexpensive scale,” one reviewer wrote. “I got this to do baking, and some of my recipes are in grams, some in ounces. This scale allows me to switch easily. It also allows me to tare easily, so I can weigh multiple ingredients into a single recipient. Less dishes to wash! This is small and lightweight, but big enough that I can place large bowl on it and still see the display.”

Another added, “This is especially great for measuring out ingredients in baking, as the same volume of flour can differ as much as 50 percent in weight. My girlfriend loves using it for bread making, and I have borrowed it for a couple recipes of my own.”

Most of all, reviewers describe how much they appreciate the scale’s design and functionality.

“The reason you want this is its overall attention to the small details,” one wrote. “It's super thin; I literally just stick it in my kitchen drawer on top of the ziplock bags and it fits unassumingly right in there. It's got a uniform, stainless steel surface, which just makes it look and feel good plus minimizes the effort put into cleaning it. Backlit display is nice. Auto-off feature is essential; if your hands are dirty and occupied when cooking, it sucks having to hit a button to save battery – just leave this one be and it goes back to sleep like a good little scale.”

While the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale typically costs $19, right now you can buy it for just $9. But don’t wait to add this small but mighty tool to your cart — we don’t know how long this sale will last.

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