Dole And Malibu Teamed Up to Create the Perfect Piña Colada in a Box


Memorial Day is behind us, which means that summer is (un)officially here. Now, obviously summer 2020 is shaping up to be either more boring or brutal than normal, what with… you know.

But even if you can only get to the beach by changing your Zoom background, enjoying a piña colada can at least help transport you to a better place. And thanks to a little bit of packaged deal magic, making a piña colada (or at least a pretty close approximation of one) is easier than ever.

Based on evidence from multiple Instagram posters, it sure looks like spirits brand Malibu and fruit company Dole have joined forces to sell the ultimate party-starting piña colada kit.

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In each “Share a Piña Moment” pack, you’ll find 100% pineapple juice from Dole, as well as 1.75 liters of Malibu’s Caribbean rum with coconut liqueur. Bottled at a relatively drinkable 21% alcohol by volume, it’s a very drinkable, summery beverage with a very high tastiness to effort ratio.WATCH: We Tried Disney's Dole Whip Recipe

You don’t have to just limit yourself to the classic piña colada if you pick this thing up. It’s also a great way to start to pivot your at-home bar towards a wider range of summer cocktails. I mean, if you’re gonna buy some rum, you might as well get some added coconut liqueur (kind of) and pineapple juice out of the deal, right?

Apparently, you can find this bit of beachy, boozy goodness at places like Costco, Sam’s Club, and, of course, the liquor store. If you’re at the last spot, you shouldn’t not get some Barcadi 151 to turn this into the much wilder Caribou Lou.

So, yes. The world is on fire and everything is terrible, but at least making a pina colada involves purchasing one less item than it used to. You try and find the good news where you can.


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