Domino’s Pizza: How to reheat pizza perfectly without it going soggy

Leftover pizza is delicious as a snack, or even sometimes as breakfast. Some like their pizza cold, but what if you want it warm.


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Domino’s has revealed the perfect way to reheat pizza slices.

You need to add something to the equation when microwaving it.

A glass of water in with your slice will keep it crisp.

And, 30 seconds is the right amount of time to cook a slice to heat it up perfectly.

The chain also recommended a delicious new way to eat leftover pizza too.

Put two slices together, face to face.

Then grill them in a toastie maker for a delicious snack.

Pizza enthusiasts have previously discussed how to reheat pizza perfectly on website such a Quora.

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One man advised putting pizza on a perforated pan, in a cold oven and then preheating the oven to 300º F.

Then when it hits 300º F the claim it should be done.

How can you make takeaway leftovers last longer? 

Of course, putting left overs in the fridge is vital.


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One excellent trick if want to keep noodles or pasta for longer is asking for the sauce on the side.

Sauce left on noodles with make them soggy.

Plain cooked pasta can last three to five days in the fridge, while pasta with sauce only lasts up to two days.

Glass containers will help you leftovers last longer than plastic.

A Domino’s Pizza scam has been doing the rounds, eliciting stern warnings. 

The scam spreads on WhatsApp, with a website link offering two free large pizzas.

The text many Britons have received reads: “Dominos is giving away 2 FREE Large Pizzas per family to everyone this week to support the nation during Corona Pandemic.

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However, this survey is a scam to acquire your details, and should be avoided.

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