Domino’s Wants You to Know You Can Recycle Pizza Boxes


Despite the fact that we’re all concerned with the immediacy of a deadly pandemic, the existential threat of climate change remains very real (yay). That has a lot of brands rethinking their approach to sustainability, making changes to everything from packaging to cow diets. In the case of Domino’s, though, getting (at least slightly) greener may simply be a matter of reminding people how to recycle.

In partnership with WestRock, the company who makes their pizza boxes, Domino’s has launched a recycling-oriented website to remind people that yes, you can recycle pizza boxes. In fact, the website cites a WestRock commissioned study that estimates nearly three quarters of Americans (73 percent) have access to a recycling program that will accept their empty pizza boxes.

But wait a minute, don’t you have to get rid of all the grease and scrape off any leftover cheese before you can recycle a pizza box? Not so, the study says. Apparently, “typical” amounts of grease and the residual cheese that clings to the corrugated cardboard don’t affect how much recyclable material can be recovered.

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For Domino’s, whose pizza boxes are already made from 72 percent recycled content according to the website, raising awareness is a simple way to make sure fewer of the 3 billion pizza boxes used in the US each year end up languishing in landfills.

“Because nearly everything that leaves a Domino's store leaves in a corrugated box, we know we have an opportunity to make a difference when it comes to packaging and recycling," says Domino's EVP of Communications Tim McIntyre told QSR. "Our goal is that our customers will set aside any misconceptions they have around the recyclability of pizza boxes, read the facts and put their empty box in the recycling bin—or call their municipality and ask them to add pizza boxes to their collection."

So if you’ve found yourself ordering more takeout or delivery pizza these days, don’t just idly toss that empty box into the trash. There’s a pretty good chance your area recycling program can take them, which means you can help the planet by eating more pizza. If that isn’t a win-win, I don’t know what is.



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