Doritos Drops New Flamin’ Hot Limon, Reformulated Cool Ranch Chips


Anyone who fancies themself something of a gourmand or a master chef is probably aware that acidity can play an important role in bringing extra zest and brightness to a dish. For spicy foods, it’s an essential counterbalance to the heat that keeps things from feeling overwhelming.

It turns out that the same principle applies to Doritos as well, as evidenced by the introduction of a new Flamin’ Hot Limon flavor. It essentially offers everything enjoyable about a spicy tortilla chip, except with an added burst of acidity, which is pretty useful given that squeezing fresh lime onto your Doritos is a pretty weird image.

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If you’re wondering why a Flamin’ Hot Limon chip flavor sounds so familiar right about now, it’s probably because there already exists a Cheetos variety with the very same name. You can find that tangy yet spicy combo in a flamin’ hot variety pack from Costco, and hopefully someday this tortilla chip take on heat plus acid will make its way into something like that as well.

Elsewhere in the Doritoverse, there’s good news for Cool Ranch fans or anyone who hoards Dorito dust like the precious gold that it is. To start the new year off right, Doritos has reformulated the classic flavor, giving it “more cool ranch.” I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know that I am very much here for it.

Let’s hope that these additions and enhancements to the Doritos lineup are a sign of even bolder flavors to come in 2020. After all, desperate times call for delicious stress-snacking.


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