‘Easiest egg sandwich ever’ takes just two minutes

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Eggs can be fried, poached, scrambled, or boiled for a protein-rich breakfast, and are best served with warm toast. But while there are so many ways to make a quick egg sandwich, one chef has shared the “easiest” method. And it takes just two minutes from start to finish.

In a recent video on her TikTok profile the “Vancouver Foodie” @vancouverfoodie) shared her easy breakfast recipe with a twist.

While most people think of fried eggs when it comes to a morning sandwich, the full-time traveller and self-proclaimed foodie scrambled them instead. And she claimed it makes for “the easiest egg sandwich ever”.

Using two fresh eggs, she started by cracking them into a bowl and adding some salt and pepper.

This recipe makes enough for one serving, though you can add more by using two eggs and two slices of bread per person.

Using chopsticks, the TikTok chef stirred the eggs to combine the whites and yolks into a thick liquid.

She noted that the key to the perfect consistency is to beat the raw eggs “until fluffy” before cooking them.

After this, the foodie added a small chunk of butter to a non-stick pan and swirled it around until the surface was fully coated.

Then, just like ordinary scrambled eggs, she poured the egg mixture into the pan to cover the full diameter.

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It’s important to use a large non-stick pan for this recipe to give the bread plenty of space to cook.

Once the eggs were in, the TikTok chef laid two slices of untoasted bread side by side in the centre of the yellow mixture.

She said: “Dip and flip! I like to put the top end of the bread in first and then flip them so they match up later.”

With the two slices now opposite with the rounded crusts on the outer sides, she used a spatula to lift the cooked egg mixture from underneath.

The eggs appeared as an unfolded omelette which had cooked underneath the bread while also being absorbed by the slices.

She flipped the entire egg base and the bread over to cook on the other side.

The TikTok user then followed the outline of the slices underneath the scrambled eggs and folded the side inwards.

At this point, the flat yellow layer can be filled with any savoury toppings.

The foodie used ham and cheese though anything would work – particularly tomatoes, spinach or other popular omelette ingredients.

To complete the sandwich, the TikTok user flipped one of the slices of bread into the other to create a neat parcel.

Showing off the finished results, @vancouverfoodie revealed the golden eggy-bread sandwich and said: “See, super simple!”

In the comments of the video, the recipe appeared to be a hit, with one person stating: “Just made this and I’m so stuffed.” Another wrote: “Tried it myself for the first time and it was pretty good.”

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