East Midlands is UK’s spiciest region – as four in ten love spicy food

Wendy's quiz UK regions on their spice tolerance

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And 38 percent of Yorkshire and the Humber residents wouldn’t venture above a chilli con carne, while a third (33 percent) of those in the South West wouldn’t eat anything hotter than a mild curry.

By comparison, more than half (54 percent) of those in the East Midlands prefer to test their tongues with a challenging heat, opting to add jalapeno peppers and chillies to their dishes.

And four in ten, of all those polled, want to see spicier options on fast food menus.

The study also found the average adult adds spice to their meals three times a week, with 41 percent admitting they like a bit of kick to their food when they eat out.

But 43 percent are more likely to opt for spicier dishes in winter, when the temperatures drop.

Tony Barr, spokesman from Wendy’s, which commissioned the research to launch its new Spicy Nuggets in the UK, said: “It’s interesting to see from the research how people’s spice levels differ so much across the UK – some like it hot, whilst others prefer a mild zing.

“And it’s not surprising that the winter weather brings a craving for extra heat.”

It also emerged an adventurous 42 percent of adults like trying spicy foods to see how much heat they can handle – although 39 percent wish their tolerance for spice was higher than it is.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found the nation’s top spices are black pepper and fresh chilli, followed by sweet chilli sauce, and ginger.

And Brits are most likely to add extra zing to chicken, rice dishes, and beef.

Following the findings, Wendy’s put Brits’ spice preferences to the test in a video.

Tony Barr added: “With chicken topping the list as one of the most popular ingredients to add some spice to – Spicy Nuggets were the obvious choice to introduce to our UK menu.

“Whether you prefer your food mild or with a bit of a kick, we can’t wait to see how Brits rate the spice levels of our Spicy Nuggs.”

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