Get Your Space More Organized in 15 Days — Join the September Sweep!

Declutter with the September Sweep!

I don’t know about you, but after this grueling hot summer, I’m feeling so ready for fall. I’m ready to bundle up, sip something warm, and make myself a permanent spot on the sofa.

But before we all hibernate for the season, we need to channel some of this end-of-summer energy into making our homes the calm and in-control sanctuaries they ought to be. That’s where Apartment Therapy‘s September Sweep comes in.

If you’re craving a kitchen that’s lighter on stuff, or just generally want to feel better about your space, the September Sweep is a free, 15-day decluttering class where I’ll coach you through a series of doable daily assignments (Hi! I’m Taryn Williford, Apartment Therapy’s cleaning editor and resident pickle loft resident). You have to do the work, of course, but I will be like your decluttering fairy godmother — helping you out by outlining what needs to be done, how to do it, and sprinkling each day with a little bit of fairy dust in the form of clever shortcuts and heaps of encouragement.

The September Sweep is both a cure and a prevention — the tasks you’ll take on throughout the month will help you sort through the pain points in your current home, but also help to establish habits and structures that help you keep your space tidy and trim all year ’round.

Declutter with the September Sweep!

Apartment Therapy is now entering the third year of the September Sweep, helping our readers declutter tens of thousands of happy homes. And I hope your home is next.

Sign up for The September Sweep now, and take the first step to creating a home that’s slimmer on stuff so you can fill it with love. Look out for your first email this Monday, September 9!

Declutter with the September Sweep!

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