Girl, 5, faces fears to perform incredible act of kindness

For Sophia-Rose Fry, simply stepping outside the door of her family home has long been a daunting challenge. We’ve partnered with KFC to explore all the amazing ways people and communities are trying to get back to normal – and Sophia’s story is a fantastic example.

Aged only 5-years-old – and currently under assessment for autism – Sophia-Rose usually stays indoors with her mum Abbie Dawson where they live in Preston, Lincs.

But when lockdown struck, she set about facing her fears and asked mum if she could give goody bags to local kids and key workers to cheer them up during lockdown.

In five weeks she managed to hand-deliver a staggering 1,103 of her special bags, consisting of 600 sensory toys, handmade key rings, sweet treats and balloon animals.

She surprised local nurseries, schools, supermarkets, Lancashire police HQ and the North West Ambulance Service.

Thrilled mum Abbie said: “I’m so proud of Sophia-Rose. At times she can get slightly nervous and apprehensive but she is a five-year-old who says, ‘Mum I can do this’.

“She’s an inspiration. Words cannot say how proud I am of her.”

Little Sophia-Rose said she loved seeing the rainbows in people’s windows in support of the NHS.

She went on: “When people would see what we had left them at their front door, I knew it would make them smile which made me smile too.

“My favourite part was when I gave the goody bags to the key workers because I could see their big smiles.”

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Explaining why Sophia-Rose wanted to start handing out the goody bags, Abbie added: “She was inspired to give a toy to people after watching me give things away to friends and family and wanted to start by giving to houses with rainbows.

“She understands the rainbows are part of a message to stay home and stay safe and she just wanted to make people happy during a difficult time.”

When the pair start on their daily trip, Abbie marks off the houses they have visited while Sophia-Rose knocks on the door and leaves the package on the doorstep.

Abbie said: “She’s more comfortable when we’re leaving the presents at the doorstep and that’s absolutely fine with me.

“It also means people have a nice, unexpected gift to return home to after a long walk or a long shift.”

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