Going out again has never felt so good

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While many of us are fully embracing going out again, the hospitality sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Bars and clubs have fared the worst. Despite consumer spending increasing, it remains at less than 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels, which is worrying.

Family-owned spirits firm Bacardi has teamed up with Design My Night to launch a Guide to Going Out (Again), part of Barcardi’s Raise Your Spirits initiative to support the UK on-trade partners and drive revenues back into the hospitality sector.

Alongside a team of behavioural scientists, they have developed a quiz to uncover the effects of the past year on the way people want to socialise. It reveals users’ post-lockdown persona — The Slay At Homes, The New Pragmatics, The Mix-a-Lots — before serving up a carefully curated list of bars, terraces, picnic delivery services and at-home cocktail kits that will best suit them.

Brenda Fiala, Global VP of Strategic Insights & Analytics at Bacardi, commented: “We developed our Guide to Going Out (Again) to help people find the best options for them – we want to inspire people with incredible ways to enjoy being together again with a cocktail this summer.”

I’m always up for discovering bars and restaurants in London, so I was keen to try the quiz. I fell into the category labelled The Mix-A-Lot, described as the life and soul who enjoys “taking the party with you wherever you go” – which is an accurate description of my character.

Behavioural science expert Sam Tatam said: “Our research is based on personality and cognitive factors such as an individual’s extroversion and openness, as well as factors like curiosity and comfort.
“It was fascinating to see how this research generated three audience profiles. Knowing yourself and what makes you happy — whether that’s mixing up a cocktail or embracing your love of staying home with a good box set — is incredibly empowering.”

While I love a good ole rooftop bar, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, so I opted for lunch at Oxo Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie. Located on the 8th floor, on the Southbank of the River Thames in London, it boasts unrivalled views of the city.
Despite the horrendous weather and torrential rain, it was rather busy for a Sunday afternoon.

As the champagne flowed, I ordered the Chermoula lamb rump with merguez (spiced lamb sausage), spinach hummus, golden beetroot and pomegranate salad with a side order of grilled courgette mash and smoked paprika and rosemary salt-covered chunky chips. The lamb was succulent and rich in flavour thanks to the perfect blend of spices with fresh chillies.

As I glanced around the restaurant, It was nice to see people out enjoying themselves again.

The Guide to Going Out (Again) can be found here.

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