‘Going to change your life’: Easy food storage hack to stop milk going off

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The hack was created by food photographer Jess Moses, who has 18.4k followers on her TikTok account and 15.7k on her Instagram @freshlysnapped. The UK food professional worked with Instagram sensation Deliciously Ella and ran her own smoothie bowl business. She also posts hacks to her social media accounts.

The photographer demonstrated how to stop milk from going off and keep it fresh for up to six months.

Jess said: “This milk hack is going to change your life. Save your milk from going bad.”

She poured her milk into an ice tray and left it in her freezer. She then dispensed the frozen lumps of ice and put them in a plastic sandwich bag.

The foodie keeps this in the fridge for when she needs it.

She told viewers: “It’s as easy as that. You freeze it before it goes bad if you’re not going to finish it in time!”

Can you freeze milk?

Yes, you can! Milk can be stored frozen in the fridge for up to six months.

However, it will be best if consumed within a month.

However, this hack does come with a warning that means it’s unwise to use these cubes directly in cups of tea.

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Frozen milk should never be thawed in warm or hot water. This is because it can cause bacterial growth that might make people sick.

Frozen milk should ideally be thawed in the fridge.

Thawed frozen milk may have a more grainy texture, or have seen some fat separation and therefore may not be appetising. Running it through a blender can help.

But freezing is not the only way to help keep your milk fresh for longer.

How to keep milk fresh

Make sure the fridge is at the right temperature

A fridge should be between 0 and five degrees Celcius. Warmer than this and your milk will go off much quicker.

Keep milk in the right part of the fridge

Many people keep milk in their fridge door, but this is a mistake.

Why? Because this is the warmest part of the fridge. With milk being exposed to warm air each time the door is open, it will go off much quicker.

Keep your milk on the middle shelf or near the bottom of the fridge.

Keep an eye on the use-by date

Ultimately, milk doesn’t last forever. The best thing to do is use it up before the use-by date,

Milk usually lasts around seven days after opening the bottle.

Another food storage hack advised Britons on a trick that will “keep your bread fresh for ages”. 

Sustainability experts Goldilocks Goods said: “Here’s a life-changing hack for storing bread.

“Wrap your bread in an extra large beeswax wrap and store in a cotton bread bag. It will keep your bread fresh for ages.”

The wraps are a smart plastic alternative, which can last up to a year or 100 uses.

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