How to store avocado to stop it going brown

Preserving an avocado once it has been sliced or mashed is tricky. However, there are a few hacks to avoid an avocado going brown.

Why do avocados turn brown?

Avocados go brown when they are exposed to air – it is a chemical reaction.

This doesn’t mean the avocado has expired, rather it is a sign the flesh has reacted with oxygen.

Enzymes react and produce brown pigments called melanin, and that’s why the avocado has a brown appearance.

As soon as you cut the skin of an avocado, the browning process will begin. So how do you stop an avocado going brown?

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How to store avocado to stop it going brown

There are lots of hacks to slow down the browning of an avocado.

Lemon or lime juice

Citrus juices contain antioxidants, which are great at working against oxygen.

Lemon or lime juice can slow down the browning process of an avocado.

Brush some of the juice on a sliced avocado and seal it in an airtight container.

The fruit should remain green for 24 hours.

Cling film

Don’t want to alter the taste of your avocado? Simply wrap the sliced avocado in cling film.

Pit in or pit out, this will slow down the browning process.

Make sure the avocado is completely sealed in the material.

Cling film covered avocados could last for up to four times longer than uncovered slices.

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A dash of olive or vegetable oil will do the trick.

You want to stop oxygen from reaching the avocado flesh, and oil could work.

Simple brush some on the flesh and seal it in an airtight container.

This may extend the life of your avocado an extra day.


Onions are a less obvious choice, but the vegetable prevents avocados from browning.

They contain sulphur compounds that slow the oxidation process, keeping your avocado greener for longer.

Simply chop up a red onion and leave it in an airtight container with the avocado.

Place the avocado half on top of the onion so that they are touching.

Blanch it

Balancing an avocado before cutting it is Raymond Blanc’s secret hack.

Once the avocado is cut, it can be exposed to air for hours without browning.

Balancing the avocado kills the enzyme that causes browning, so nothing will happen for several hours when you cut it

All you need to do is boil an avocado for ten seconds and then submerge it into ice water until it is cool.

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