How to ‘supercharge’ your iced coffee – ‘fun’ ice cube recipe to boost ‘intensity’

Iced coffee recipe detailed by Toby Aromolaran in 2021

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As temperatures rise to almost 40C in some parts of the UK, many Britons will be looking for a refreshing beverage to cool them down. Iced coffee is a popular choice, but for those who like coffee with an extra kick, ice can sometimes leave the beverage tasting weak and watery.

According to barista Oli Baise from Drinky Coffee, there is an easy solution to this and one that can “supercharge” your icy drink.

He explained: “Making your ice cubes out of coffee will create a fun drink that gets stronger as you get through it.

“Espresso is a better choice than filter coffee for ice cubes as the coffee flavour will get diluted as it freezes, therefore you want to start with as strong a coffee as possible.

“Just one shot of frozen espresso will make a huge difference to the intensity of your iced coffee.”

These can be used in place of normal ice and dropped into your favourite iced coffee recipe.

How to make iced coffee

Ingredients for one iced coffee:

  • Two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee
  • 200 ml of water
  • A handful of ice cubes (larger cubes are always better)
  • 50 ml of milk
  • Sugar or syrup (optional)

First, are the ground coffee with the water in a Cafetiere.

Allow the coffee some time to cool down.

Then pour the coffee over ice and add the milk and the sugar or syrup to taste.

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How to make espresso ice cubes

Begin by brewing coffee as you usually would.

Allow the coffee some time to cool down before pouring it into ice cube trays.

Finally, pop your ice cube trays into the freezer overnight.

For this recipe, you can also use leftover coffee from a large pot which might otherwise go to waste.

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