‘It works!’ Keep celery fresh and crunchy for 4 weeks with clever food storage hack

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Celery can be bought from supermarkets as a whole plant, or as trimmed stalks. Either way, the salad item has a short shelf life once it reaches your fridge. But there is a clever storage hack which can see a celery bunch last for up to four weeks. 

Mike from Kitchen Tips Online began: “What is the best way to store celery? 

“Well, we can get a clue if we look at the packaging from the manufacturer that they put celery in after they harvest it. 

“Notice they use plastic wrapping, but the interesting thing you should note is the plastic wrapping is open at the end and has small holes. 

“That tells us that the manufacturer doesn’t think it’s a good idea to completely encase celery in plastic.” 

He added: “I have some celery that’s been in the fridge for about four weeks. 

“Now, as you can see I have this celery wrapped up tightly in aluminium foil.” 

A closer look revealed: “You can see the foil has been wrapped, and unwrapped, multiple times while I take a stalk or two off this bunch. 

“If you listen, you’ll hear a crunch – that’s after four weeks,” he said breaking a stalk in half to prove his point. 

Mike explained: “Now the reason the foil works best, is that the foil protects celery from ethylene gas. 

“If you have fruit in your fridge, and by the way, you should never co-mingle fruits and vegetables. 

“Because fruits, when they ripen, give off ethylene gas, and celery doesn’t like ethylene gas. 

“From personal experience, I can tell you, the best way to store celery is to wrap it tightly in foil and store it in the coldest part of your fridge, which is usually the crisper drawer. 

“Also, you want to keep it separated from any fruits,” he told his YouTube subscribers. 

But does this food storage hack work? 

Someone commented below the video: “Tried it… It WORKS!!! Thanks. I feel like I’ve struck oil in my backyard..” 

“I’ve been doing this for over a year. It works! I have celery on hand all the time now,” another wrote. 

A third said: “I tried this and it works great! Thanks for the tip!” 

For anyone whose celery has gone limp, there is an easy way to revive it. 

Taking either the whole bunch or just a few stalks you intend to eat, place them in a glass of iced water. 

Or, submerged the bunch in iced water – the coldness will shock them. 

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