Jamie Oliver Christmas: Chef shares easy cooking tips including turkey and cranberry sauce

Jamie Oliver details recipe for 'quick and easy' Christmas turkey

Jamie Oliver, 45, has opened up on his favourite Christmas recipes over the years. He has revealed how to make a quick and easy turkey as well as his favourite cooking hacks.

Jamie will often share his cooking secrets on the small screen.

In the past, he has passed on recipes and hacks to make Christmas as simple as possible.

Jamie’s ‘quick and easy’ turkey

Speaking on Channel 4’s Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas, which was first aired in 2018, he shared an “easy” turkey recipe.

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Free range turkey

Dried cranberries

Fresh thyme

Unsalted butter

Smoked streaky bacon


Jamie recommended mixing the butter, cranberries, bacon and thyme together to make a flavoured butter.

To get the butter under the skin of the turkey, use a spatula with a rubber end and put the end between the meat and skin.

After that, Jamie said to move the spatula around to create room before inserting the butter.

Once all the butter is inside the turkey, place it on a baking tray and wrap it up in foil before cooking.

He recommended putting a large bird in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes per kilogram and a standard bird in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes per kilogram.

‘Unbelievably simple’ cranberry sauce

Sharing his tips and tricks again in 2017, Jamie revealed how to upgrade cranberry sauce bought from the supermarket.

He said: “Making your own is a joy, I always use frozen cranberries.

“But many of your get jarred cranberry sauce and it’s good but what I want to show you is how you can cheat and really pimp up this cranberry sauce to be even better than ever before, but unbelievably simple.

“Think about some fruits that are in season like apples, pears or quinces and slice them up.”

He suggested lightly frying the fruit with butter, bay leaves, cinnamon and sugar to caramelise them.

Budding chefs can then add the jarred cranberry sauce to the frying pan and mix it in to make the final dressing.

Pigs in blankets

“Pigs in blankets are loved by people so much but they can be way more exciting,” Jamie continued.

He explained how to make upgraded versions of the classic Christmas side dish.

Jamie suggested putting sage on strips of smokey bacon before wrapping up sausages.

Another tip the chef shared was to swap sausages for black pudding.

Remove the black pudding filling from the skin and form into small sausages.

Wrap them up in bacon to create black pudding pigs in blankets.

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