‘Juiciest’ poached egg method leaves man baffled

Frankie Bridge shares her hack for ‘perfect poached eggs’

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A TikTok user was left baffled after reacting to a hack which he claims creates the “juiciest” poached egg. Comedian and actor Corey B, who shares videos on his TikTok page @thecoryb, filmed himself showing his wife the poached egg hack he had come across by creator @arellz.

“Apparently this is the easiest way to poach an egg and all you need is a strainer,” Corey said while watching the video.

“That’s it. All you have got to do, look, she pours the eggs into the water and doesn’t touch them. She doesn’t even do the spinny thing.”

In the video the couple are reacting to, @arellz shows a step-by-step guide to making the poached eggs. She said: “I don’t know who is going to come after me for saying this but poached eggs are easy to make. All these chefs are telling you that you need all of these steps, no.”

@thecoreyb Easiest poached egg hack!@Dan-O’s Seasoning ♬ original sound – Corey B

She continued: “All you need is a strainer and some water, it’s ridiculous. You just crack your eggs in the strainer and there’s all this gooey stuff that’s going to come out. That’s the stuff that floats around in the water and once you get rid of that.”

To begin, she cracks her egg into a strainer and then gently transfers them into a pot of simmering water for three minutes.

The woman continued: “Just drop these eggs in and they will just poach, three minutes. You don’t need to do the spinny whirlpool thing, you don’t need to do the vinegar thing. You don’t need any of these gadgets, nothing, this is it.”

After watching the video, Corey and his wife put the hack to the test to check its authenticity and were pleasantly surprised.

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“Leave it, don’t mess with it,” he instructed his wife after she dropped the egg into the pan. That thing is cooking so fast,” Corey exclaimed as the eggs began to poach. “Look how fast that thing is cooking.”

After three minutes, the couple removed the egg with a slotted spoon and placed it onto a plate. When they cut into the egg, a runny, yellow yolk emerged. “What, are you absolutely kidding me? Just the juiciest,” said Corey.  And the egg passed the taste test too, with Corey’s wife giving the egg the seal of approval. Corey’s reaction video has received 239.7K “likes” at the time of writing and 615 comments from fans.

An anonymous TikTok user wrote: “I thought everyone poached eggs like this. The strainer is super important to keep out the white wispies.” [SIC]

Another commenter added: “This is a hack? This is how I have always done it.”

The hack was similarly shared by TikTok creator @cafemaddy who shared recipes and cooking hacks with an audience of 527.8K followers. However, as well as using a sieve, Maddy says she likes to use vinegar as well. 

Maddy explained: “Here’s how to poach your egg perfectly every single time. First crack your egg onto a sieve so the watery parts of the egg white are filtered out and then into a simmering pot of water add distilled vinegar.” Maddy recommends dropping in about half a tablespoon of vinegar into the water. 

Unlike the hack Corey tested, Maddy likes to stir around her egg to create a rounded shape. 

Maddy continued: “Stir and then carefully put your egg into the water. Gently stir around the egg just so the egg doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot and then once we get a nice, round shape, simmer for another five minutes.”

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