‘Just wrong!’ Asda customers left divided over ‘revolting’ ingredient on pizza

Asda show simple cooking hack with pizza tortilla wrap

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Asda often launches new products to its food and drinks ranges. The supermarket’s latest item to cause debate and controversy online is a pizza containing an interesting ingredient.

The Southern Fried Chicken and Gravy pizza has just been launched in Asda stores.

The pizza is available to buy as part of the supermarket’s pizza meal deal, which includes two pizzas and a drink for £5.

However, the new pizza has come under fire with shoppers, with many claiming gravy shouldn’t be on a pizza.

Some have said the pizza “revolted” them, while others have branded it an “abomination”.

Popular Facebook page NewFoodsUK posted a photo of Asda’s pizza on social media yesterday.

The caption accompanying the picture read: “New Southern Fried Chicken & Gravy Pizza!

“This sounds very interesting indeed, now available at Asda.”

The post garnered hundreds of likes and over 2,000 comments.

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Some customers were appalled by the new pizza.

One shopper said: “Gravy and pizza NNNNOOOOO!”

Another customer wrote: “Gravy on a pizza just wrong.”

One customer agreed. They said: “No. Gravy on a pizza is wrong.”

One person commented: “Don’t fancy the gravy on pizza.”

Another person wrote: “How revolting is that.”

One person said: “That sounds absolutely vile.”

Another customer wrote: “Should be illegal to sell this.”

However, some customers praised the pizza and even called it “yummy”.

One happy shopper said: “God I wanna try this.”

Another person wrote: “Get in my belly.”

One customer commented: “Can’t lie, I would try it.”

Another person said: “I think this would be delicious!”

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