King Charles’s drink he has ‘every night’ may be served at Coronation

Drinks expert at The Bottle Club Chandan Bathia explained that as the Coronation of King Charles III draws closer and many excited royalists are preparing for the huge day and speculating about the finer details of the royal engagement, some people may be wondering “what kind of food and drinks the big day will entail”.

Chandan opined that people can definitely “expect to see King Charles drinking when celebrating his Coronation later in May”.

According to the expert, the King is “particularly partial to Scotch whisky as one of his favourite drinks”.

In fact, “many aren’t aware the King’s estate actually brews and sells its own brand of whisky and other spirits,” she commented and added that “a Laphroaig 15-year-old Scotch is reported to be the new King’s favourite drink”.

Whisky is therefore one of the drinks that could be served at King Charles’s Coronation in May or perhaps, at the royal reception the night before.

The drinks expert commented that when opting for something “a little lighter and more refreshing”, King Charles is often known to enjoy a martini.

In fact, Channel 4 documentary The Real Windsors: The Outspoken Heir revealed that the King enjoyed a martini “every night before dinner during his travels to Transylvania”.

Chandan explained: “Count Tibor Kalnoky, Charles’s friend, who featured in the documentary, even revealed to Channel 4 that the King brought his own glass to drink his martini from each night.”

Hungarian Count Tibor Kalnoky, who is a distant relative to Charles, explained that the King would always have a drink each night before dinner when staying in Transylvania: “He likes a martini before dinner, that’s for sure.”

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Director Paul Feig revealed during an interview on The Late Late Show that on his 60th birthday celebrations, he “ended up making a martini for — now — the King”.

Speaking about the time he made a martini for King Charles, Paul said: “If I was making a King Charles cocktail? I’d put Dubonnet in there, in tribute to his mother and grandmother.

“And gin, definitely. So I’d make a gin and Dubonnet. But Charles is a martini guy and I make good martinis. It’s my superpower,” he told the Sunday Times.

King Charles’s favourite is believed to be a 50/50 martini, which is half gin and half dry vermouth.

Although it is unknown whether the King will be keeping up with this tradition “and plans to bring his own martini glass to his Coronation celebrations”, the beverage could definitely feature in the royal drinks menu.

King Charles may have his refreshing beverage at night, but the protocol and drinking etiquette dictates otherwise.

A martini is meant to be enjoyed at midday and just before lunch, as it is an aperitif drink, traditionally drunk before a meal, meaning martinis could be served straight after the Coronation ceremony in the afternoon.

For those who are looking to join King Charles “in enjoying a classic martini from home whilst revelling in the royal celebrations next month”, the expert shared a classic and delicious recipe.


  • 70ml gin
  • One tbsp dry vermouth
  • Two tbsp olive brine
  • One wedge of lemon
  • One green olive


Chandan recommended firstly, pouring the vodka, dry vermouth and olive brine into a shaker with ice and shaking well.

Then, rim the martini glass with the wedge of lemon and finally, strain into the glass and add the olive.

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