Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating the First-Ever National Doughnut Week with Free Doughnuts for All


It’s been a brutal year for pretty much everyone. Thankfully, Krispy Kreme has stepped up in a variety of different ways to feed those who need it most. That’s included giving out free doughnuts to healthcare workers and recent graduates. Now, everyone else can get in on the celebration for a free doughnut celebration that lasts for close to a full week.

Between June 1 and June 5, Krispy Kreme is celebrating National Doughnut Week. That means for five straight days, you can drop in and claim a free doughnut. Seriously. Any one you want. You don’t even have to buy anything in order to take advantage of the offer.

Normally, National Doughnut Day falls on June 5. But since 2020 has been particularly brutal for pretty much everyone, Krispy Kreme has decided to extend their giving to last for five days straight. As they see it, it’s kind of like a more positive version of Groundhog Day.

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“National Doughnut Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, but with days starting to blur together, we want to make sure it's easier than ever for fans to participate," Krispy Kreme CMO Dave Skena said in a statement. “That’s why, this year, we're extending our beloved free doughnut tradition from one day to five days with the very first National Doughnut Week.”

There are surprisingly few limitations on the offer. The main thing is that you can only get one doughnut per day (which I guess is kind of an honor system thing when everyone is wearing masks). You also can’t get a free doughnut delivered to you, since that would be too good to be true and pretty unfair for the person who has to go out and make the delivery.

Otherwise, get ready to enjoy five straight days of free Krispy Kremes to start June. Maybe the summer is starting to look up after all.



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