Lay’s Is Releasing Hot Sauce Chips


When you visit a grocery store in a foreign country, one of the first things that jumps out at you is the unique flavors of chips— or crisps, if you will. Beyond the new varieties representing local tastes, you’ll likely spot a few seemingly global flavors that leave you puzzled as to why they don’t exist back home. Ketchup chips come to mind in this regard.

It perhaps makes sense, then, that the company who once brought that Canadian favorite to the U.S. for a limited time is back with a new flavor that you probably won’t believe didn’t already exist. Lay’s and Frank’s RedHot are coming together to create a hot sauce flavored potato chip for the masses.

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The taste will likely be familiar to anyone who’s dabbed a bit of the popular cayenne pepper-flavored sauce clocking it at 450 scoville units onto their wings before. It should also pair will with a Frank’s RedHot Canned Bloody Mary or that Frank’s RedHot x Dunkin’ hot sauce doughnut you bought on eBay.

Even though one of the last things you should do before singing in front of a national audience is eat spicy food, this hot chip collaboration is meant to function as some sort of tie-in to NBC’s The Voice. As the bag indicates, if you taste and watch, well, you could win. In this case, that happens by playing a trivia game while The Voice airs and entering a code on your bag of spicy chips for the chance to win prizes up to and including a trip to a Voice taping in LA.

In other Lay’s news that doesn’t have anything to do with reality TV, it sounds like they’ll be reviving some of the popular regional picks from their past “Do Us a Flavor” contest on a limited-time basis once again. Those flavors include the Crispy Taco chip, which won in 2017, as well as Wavy Fried Green Tomatoes, which was that year’s runner up.

So if you want to get your hot sauce in bagged chip form, buy up a bunch of bags while you can. Maybe Lay’s will come to their senses and eventually turn this limited edition collaboration into a full-time deal.


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