Lidl Is Selling a Whole Christmas Dinner as a Bacon-Wrapped Loaf

mr Lidl Christmas Loaf

With both Thanksgiving and the Christmas season on the horizon, we’ve officially entered the time of year where you can basically give up on eating healthily until the New Year with no judgment whatsoever. Still, someone still has to prepare your lovely holiday dinner, which in and of itself is no easy task.

Well, at least our friends in the UK can enjoy an over-the-top Christmas dinner that gives an entirely new meaning to the holiday loaf. Grocery chain Lidl recently introduced what it’s calling “The Ultimate Festive Feast in a Blanket,” and one look at this thing will tell you that it lives up to that billing.

I mean, seriously: it’s a whole Christmas dinner assembled into a loaf. Specifically, Lidl’s description says it’s made up of “Turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, layered with Brussels sprouts, cranberry melt and dried sweetened cranberries,” all of which is “delicately wrapped in smoked streaky bacon.” The whole thing weighs in at a hefty 1.2 kilograms, but costs only £9.99.

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That’s not the only option in what Lidl is calling is “Deluxe Christmas” line of frozen foods. There’s also an easy-to-carve stuffed goose, perfect if you can’t cook but have in-laws to impress. Lidl describes it as “exceptionally succulent goose breast” that also features a cranberry and blood orange stuffing topped with —you guessed it— bacon. Even more intense is their take on the turducken, a three game bird roast that features duck, goose, and guinea fowl. You’re never going to believe this, but it’s also covered in bacon.

So if the continued uncertainty about Brexit has you wanting to eat your feelings or you’d just rather create a conversation piece of a meal with absolutely no real cooking required, Britons should consider the Ultimate Festive Feast in a Blanket their best mate this holiday season. Here’s hoping the Lidl locations in the US also end up carrying this Christmas miracle as well.  

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