Make poached eggs in an air fryer ‘perfectly every single time’

Lynsey Crombie shares how to make dippy eggs in air fryer

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Eileen Bell is a food content creator who uses her TikTok account @blendedbybell. She has amassed over 87K likes for her cooking tips and tricks on the app.

She has shown off her recipes including Caesar dressing, Hollandaise sauce, and salmon cakes among many other delicious-looking treats.

Her air fryer poached egg has wowed TikTok users and had 141.4K views on the app.

Eileen was thrilled with the results of her air fryer poached egg and said: “I don’t even know how to describe how I’m feeling.

“For anyone who doesn’t know how to poach an egg or struggles with this, if you have an air fryer then you need to stop.”

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Poached eggs are famously tricky. They can easily break, be overdone, or underdone. Classically poached eggs are done in a pan on the hob. This recipe could simplify things significantly.

Eileen explained: “All you’re going to do is pour some boiling water in a ramekin. Crack an egg in there and then throw it in the air fryer at 340F (171C) for 11 minutes.

“And this is what comes out, a perfectly poached egg every single time, oh my gosh look how beautiful.”

She went on: “This may be the sexiest egg I’ve ever made and I hope you guys enjoy it too.”

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Some TikTik users tried the hack and found it worked for them too. One wrote: “Tried today and it worked!”

“I tried this and love it!” another said, while one wrote: “Okay yes…I needed this! Trying it tomorrow.”

“This is what I’ve been wanting and missing,” another said.

Of course, there are a number of other eggs one could make for dinner. This includes scrambled, and one foodie claimed to have a scrambled egg recipe “better than Gordon Ramsay’s”. 

Emily English is a British nutritionist and the founder of the supplements brand Nutr, with a degree from Kings College London.

She detailed how to make the “ultimate scrambled eggs” in a video with over 300K views on TikTok. 

“These are the best scrambled eggs you will ever meet,” Emily said, describing the recipe as “a must-save method to give you the most mind-blowing eggs of your life.”

“You will have the most insanely buttery creamy eggs to die for,” the content creator promised.

However, you may prefer a fried egg, in which case try this recipe for “eggs with the crispiest edges”. 

The video has had almost 900,000 views on TikTok and is complete with golden fried egg whites that crunch and a runny orange yolk.

“Woah that looks amazing,” one commentator wrote, while another said, “That looks way too good.”

Another said: “That’s how we made eggs in the Philippines.”

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