Man baffled as JustEat charge him a whopping £249 for delivery

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The unfortunate customer shared his reciept online, say that he noticed the eye-watering amount on his bill after treating himself to a takeaway from Greggs. Using the JustEat app for the order, he said: “I ordered the food and then it got taken out of my bank showing £249 for the delivery.”

36-year-old Boy George impersonator, Liam Halewood, shared the incident on social media, warning others to check their bank accounts after making an order with the company. He said a lot of other people were saying it had been happening to them too.

Liam told the Liverpool Echo: “One said it was costing them £900 and another said it was going to cost them £399 for the delivery charges. I think JustEat has had a glitch in its system, which to be honest for a big company it shouldn’t happen really. If someone didn’t check their statement and that money got taken out they say you only have like 24 hours to rectify any order that you have made.”

The singer, who currently lives in Blackpool but is from Allerton, said the food delivery company has now corrected his bill. He said: “They have rectified it now and given me my order for free with £5 off my next order. But, I think it is important that when you use delivery companies and when you’re paying on your card over the internet and the phone that you do check things anyway.

“Some older people who don’t really know how to use the internet might have just let that go but because I pulled mine up it got rectified dead quick.”

Liam hasn’t been put off using JustEat in the future despite the ordeal. He said: “This kind of thing has made me realise that you should check every time you’re ordering and make sure they’re charging the correct delivery fee. 

“My thing was just that there was probably a glitch and how many people actually ordered and never checked. This might get people now to double check.”

A JustEat spokesperson said: “We’re aware of an issue on our platform today that briefly affected the price of delivery orders for a very small percentage of our customers. This issue is now completely resolved and we are in the process of offering a full refund for all customers affected.”

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