Method to mince garlic perfectly – ‘far superior to a garlic press’

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Chef Kelly Scott is a model turned professional chef and culinary instructor from Orange County, California. The food expert, who runs her own personal chef business Kelly’s Clean Kitchen, has demonstrated how to mince garlic.

The video has 50,000 views on TikTok, where she has 615,000 followers and has amassed almost nine million likes for her culinary tips and tricks.

One follower asked Kelly: “Is the flavour different than when using a press?”

“Yes actually!” Kelly said. “Press crushes it and makes it more into a paste which gives a stronger and more bitter taste.”

Kelly told followers: “Mincing garlic by hand is far superior to a garlic press, and here’s how you do it.”

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How to mince garlic

“Slice a clove into very thin slices,” Kelly says, using the knife to slice down the clove lengthways.

Kelly added: “Make sure to use the bear claw technique as usual so we don’t cut off a finger.”

This involves curling your fingers and then leaning the knife against your knuckles to prevent the ends of your fingers from being cut.

Once you have sliced the garlic lengthways, Kelly says: “Bunch the pieces all together in a row, and we are going to go along once more, using the bear claw technique cutting it into small pieces.”

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Kelly turns the garlic at a 90-degree angle clockwise and chops along it, creating smaller, cube-like pieces. Then, Kelly says: “From there, we’re going to use the rocking technique.

“Your dominant hand will be holding the handle, while your non-dominant will be on top of the blade rocking back and forth. You do this until you have a fine mince.”

A number of followers claimed they cut their garlic like they chop an onion. “I still mince mine like how you would dice an onion,” one said.

Another wrote: “I mince garlic the same way I dice onions, just smaller.”

However, another preferred to squash their garlic, saying: “Nah, I just smash it flat and then just chop it loads and it’s done in like 30 seconds max.”

Another simple said: “Or just get a garlic press. Hands don’t reek and it’s half the time.”

Another TikTok chef recently raved about an “unreal” hack to chop garlic. 

He demonstrated how to cut “perfect” garlic using the back side of the knife. His video has amassed 4.2 million views on the social media platform, with fans going wild for it.

One even said: “I’m so serious I think I might write a thesis on how useful TikTok has been to me since downloading.”

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