Nearly half of Brits say brunch is their favourite meal of the day

GBBO’s Crystelle Pereira shares her brunch recipes

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Nearly half (49 percent) can’t imagine not going for brunch on a weekend, with 21 percent preferring to do this rather than have a night out with friends.

However, with 56 percent saying they are now eating brunch at home more often to avoid the cost of dining out, Brits are looking for ways to elevate their own versions.

It also emerged that, although 31 percent cite lack of inspiration as their biggest barrier, 41 percent are trying to eat more plant-based food this Veganuary.

The research was commissioned by plant-based frozen food brand, Strong Roots, which partnered with cook and 2021 Great British Bake Off finalist, Crystelle Pereira, to create three delicious veggie and plant-based brunch recipes to make at home this month.

The quick and simple recipes include her five-ingredient Cauliflower Hash Brown Sandwich, Miso Mushrooms on Crispy Sweet Potato Hash Brown “Toast”, and “Vegan Breakfast Tacos”.

Samuel Dennigan, at Strong Roots, said: “Move over Sunday lunch – the nation has spoken, and brunch is leading the way as our favourite meal of the weekend.

“We’re thrilled to see the nation is looking for more veggie meal inspiration.

“With more of us eating brunch at home, Crystelle’s three brunch recipes are a must try, especially for those taking part in Veganuary.”

Half of adults think brunch should take 25 minutes to prepare, with six in ten agreeing they’d eat it at home more often if it took less time to prepare.

Although, of those who brunch, half prefer using quick and easy recipes, with 43 percent often choosing something that requires fewer ingredients.

And, according to the OnePoll study, 40 percent often look out for tips and tricks on how to cook a healthier meal.

The research also revealed almost two-thirds (62 percent) want more plant-based brunch options, with 28 percent saying eating plant-based food makes them feel like they’re doing their bit for the planet.

And nearly a quarter (24 percent) say eating plant-based makes them feel better physically, while a further 20 percent feel better mentally.

Crystelle Pereira said: “It is no secret that the brunch occasion is a weekend classic, and it is one of my favourite reasons for family and friends to get together while appreciating good food.

“This Veganuary, my quick and easy plant-based Strong Roots recipes will help Brits who are stretched for time and looking for inspiration into new ways to elevate their brunch.”

A general catch-up with friends was named the most popular occasion for brunching, with 64 percent believing it is the perfect excuse to get loved ones together.

Other reasons for enjoying this “light lunch” include birthdays and engagement parties – with the average Brit brunching three times a month.

More than half (53 percent) are likely to enjoy it with their partner, while a surprising 34 percent typically eat it alone.

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