New low-calorie Iceland takeaway meals to rival McDonald’s and Nando’s

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Iceland has blown away shoppers with its new range of low-calorie meals.

The supermarket chain launched the 15-item fakeaway range, which is packed with protein but low in calories, on January 3.

The MyProtein range, which is sure to rival popular takeaway chains, can be picked up for a fraction of the price and is a healthier option, reports Manchester Evening News.

Peri peri chicken, salt and pepper chicken skewers, pulled pork mac ‘n’ cheese, Singapore noodles, and katsu chicken are among the dishes available. 

For McDonald’s lovers, there is also a collection of breakfast wraps that are not the same but look similar.

Iceland’s MyProtein takeaway meals are currently included in a huge deal that you can only find online.

The new Iceland range was shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, where hundreds of shoppers said they were keen to try it.

Chloe Chloe raved: “Ooh I want to try.”

Sophie Peters said: “Ohhh might have to try some of these!”

Kirsty Rogan said: “Some of these actually look quite good.”

Other shoppers commented that some of the dishes are healthy and cheap alternatives to fattening and expensive takeaways for those pinching pennies and pounds in January.

Emma Jayne Walker said: “These could be good go to to have when we’re short on time when we start eating better.”

Here is the full list of products in Iceland’s MyProtein range, their prices, calorie and protein content:

  • Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese 31g Protein/415kcal – £4
  • Singapore Noodles 45g Protein/6g Fibre/527kcal – £4.75
  • Chicken Tikka & Rice 34g Protein/ 320kcal – £4
  • Breakfast Wrap 40g Protein/6g Fibre/508kcal – £4
  • Seasoned Skewers 30g Protein/ 149kcal per skewer – £6
  • Salt & pepper skewers 30g Protein/ 154kcal per skewer – £6
  • Katsu Chicken & Rice 28g Protein/ 531kcal – £4
  • Beef Pasta Bolognese 38g Protein/ 421kcal – £4
  • Halloumi Breakfast 20g Protein/ 5g Fibre/ 316kcal – £4
  • BBQ 3 bean Wrap 27g protein/ 20g fibre/ 619kcal – £3.50
  • Meat Feast Pasta 61g Protein/ 7g Fibre/ 633kcal – £4.75
  • Peri Peri Chicken & Rice 58g Protein 7g Fibre/ 550kcal – £4.75
  • Beef Lasagne 36g Protein 12g Fibre/ 443kcal – £4
  • Jerk Chicken & Rice 34g Protein 14g Fibre/ 598kcal – £4.75

You can buy 10 meals and a packet of chicken skewers for £45 on the Iceland website here.

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