Nutella compared to supermarket chocolate hazelnut spreads in a taste test

Since its introduction in the early 1960s Nutella has taken over the world as the most beloved hazelnut spread. 

There are approximately 50 hazelnuts found in each jar of Nutella, the company claimed, and they are mixed with cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla and skim milk in a large tank until it becomes a paste-like spread. 

A 350g jar of the chocolatey, nutty spread will set customers back £3.00 to £3.20 depending on the supermarket. put Nutella to the test and compared it to supermarket’s own versions of hazelnut chocolate spread, to see if there was one that rivalled the leading brand, for a fraction of the price. 

Nutella – 350g for £3-£3.20

The healthiest option in the taste test, it was utterly delicious but did have a drying mouthfeel. 

A 15g tablespoon = 80 calories 

Sainsbury’s – 400g for £1.70 

Made with sustainable palm oil from well-managed plantations, Sainsbury’s hazelnut chocolate spread is thick and creamy. 

It has a strong flavour of nuts and was deliciously chocolatey – a brilliant substitute for Nutella – 9/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 83 calories 

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Waitrose – 400g for £1.70 

Made with roasted hazelnuts and certified palm oil, Waitrose’s Essential hazelnut chocolate spread was really nutty. 

With a smooth consistency, it’s a decent alternative from a supermarket – 8/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 85 calories 

Morrisons – 400g for £1.99 

The only supermarket to offer a chocolate hazelnut spread in a plastic jar rather than glass, Morrisons’ version of Nutella was really runny, and tasted more like melted chocolate – 6/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 85 calories 

Lidl – 400g for £1.49 

Lidl’s Choco Nussa hazelnut chocolate spread was extremely similar to Nutella – both in terms of flavour and thick consistency. 

It was really hard to taste any differences between the leading brand and Nutella, and it’s less than half price – 10/10.

A 15g tablespoon = 84 calories 

Tesco – 400g for £1.70 

Described as “rich and nutty”, Tesco’s chocolate hazelnut spread was just that. 

It was the darkest colour out of all the chocolate spreads tasted, but once it was spread on hot toast, it melted very quickly and was really runny – 6/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 82 calories 

Asda – 400g for £1.70                   

A good chocolate hazelnut spread, it was fairly sweet and melted when spread on hot toast – 8/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 83 calories 

Aldi – 400g for £1.45  

We had high hopes for Aldi’s Nutoka hazelnut chocolate spread as customers raved about it, but it wasn’t very nutty. 

It had a really thick consistency so slowly melted when spread on hot toast – 7/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 83 calories 

M&S – 400g for £2.65 

A luxurious and rich spread from M&S, it was very chocolatey, but lacked any nut flavour. 

It’s also the most expensive out of all the supermarket’s own versions and the highest in calories – 6/10. 

A 15g tablespoon = 88 calories 

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