‘Papa Johns’ new Oreo Papa Bites are incredible’ – review

Oreo Papa Bites 

Papa Johns’ new Bites ‘made with’ Oreo® Crumb marry together two legendary flavours – tempting Oreo® cookies and the brand’s iconic fresh pizza dough. 

Each box includes eight mouth-watering Bites. Our thoughts? Utterly delicious. When they arrived beautifully warm, they were soft and chewy, with the perfect amount of icing to Oreo crumb. They could easily rival popular doughnut brands. 

Savoury Papa Bites 

Customers can choose from the Cheesy Chicken Papa Bites or Jalapeno and Cheese Papa Bites. 

Wrapped in fresh dough, the Jalapeno and Cheese were a hit, especially when dipped into Papa John’s Special Garlic Sauce. 


There are several new pizzas available this summer; Four Cheese on Crispy Cheese, Chicken and Pepperoni on Crispy Cheese, and Chicken, Pesto and Mushroom, and Four Cheese and Pesto from the limited edition Pesto Range. 

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The Four Cheese and Pesto was a fresh take on a classic Margarita with an Italian summer twist; a tomato base was topped with four cheeses, fresh tomatoes, Italian seasoning and a pesto drizzle.

It tasted similar to a Caprese Salad and was delicious eaten al fresco. 

The Crispy Cheese bases that came with the Four Cheese and Chicken and Pepperoni were okay.

They are thin-crust pizzas with cheese baked underneath, and unless eaten when piping hot, got hard quickly – so I wouldn’t recommend saving a slice or two for the next morning! 

Visit PapaJohns.co.uk or download the Papa Johns app.

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