Pillsbury's New Limited-Edition Sugar Cookies Are Filled with Lucky Charms Marshmallows

lucky charms pillsbury

Now you can enjoy the taste of childhood in every bite with Pillsbury's new Lucky Charms Sugar Cookies. The take-and-bake refrigerated dough contains a handful of the marshmallow shapes from Lucky Charms, including the red heart, rainbow, blue moon, green four-leaf hat, and purple horseshoe.

WATCH: How to Make Lucky Charms Cookies

The package make 12 big cookies — as opposed to the traditional 24 precut cookies — making the Pillsbury Lucky Charms Sugar Cookies perfect for sharing if you can resist snacking on them all yourself. And since these cookies are technically made with breakfast cereal, we won't judge you if you make a batch for watching Saturday morning cartoons.

The Pillsbury Lucky Charms Sugar Cookies are popping up now in the refrigerated aisle of grocery stores. Currently it's listed on Walmart's website for $2.50, so checking in-store or ordering for pick-up is currently your best bet for finding a package. These cookies are limited-edition, so grab yourself a magically delicious batch while you can.

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