Planters Cheez Balls Is Giving Away Shakers Full of That Orange Dust

Planters Cheez Balls Is Giving Away Shakers Full of That Orange Dust

Let's face it: One of the best parts about eating cheesy, orange-colored crunchy snacks is licking your fingertips after you've polished off the bag. (Or, if you're generous, letting your dog lick them.) If you've ever stared at your bedusted digits and wondered why you can't just buy the cheese flavoring used to coat many-a-corn puff, you're not alone, and the people at Planters hear you.

In 2018, the snack brand announced some big news for classic cheese snack fans — after 12 years off the market, Cheez Balls would be making a triumphant return in their classic canister, but for a limited time. As of today, however, Planters is bringing them back permanently. To celebrate the announcement, the brand is using a social media giveaway to give the people what they really want: Cheese powder. That's right, an entire shaker full the same stuff that gives Cheez Balls their flavor and color can be yours.

"After seeing fans' excitement last year when Cheez Balls returned, we knew we had to find a way for Cheez Balls to stay," Samantha Hess, brand manager for Planters, said in a statement. "To celebrate Cheez Balls being back, we're giving fans more of the iconic flavor they're obsessed with so they can enjoy the cheezy flavor on any food."

Planters sent me a sample ahead of the announcement to try for myself. The powder is superfine (i.e a potential disaster waiting to happen, especially if you have to sneeze) and very neon orange. The packaging even warns, "Wear white at your own risk."

On its own, Cheez Balls Cheez Powder tastes similar to the packet of powder found in a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese which, admit it, we've all tried on its own at least once. My shaker had "Kraft" emblazoned on the lid, so that comparison seems more than coincidental. Speaking of the lid, the two flaps reveal two dispensing hole options — a large circle and an even larger half-moon shape — and no sprinkle-friendly set of miniature holds as you'd find on salt and pepper shakers. In other words, you had better really want whatever your eating to taste like processed cheese!

In order to be one of the 350 lucky people who get sent their own cheese powder shaker, you'll need to fire up your phone and log in to one of your social media accounts. Comment or tweet what food you'd like to top with Cheez Powder at @MrPeanut with the hashtag #CheezBallContest between Tuesday, August 20 and Sunday, September 1, 2019 for your chance to win. (Of course, you can just buy a big ol' canister of cheese powder on Amazon, but getting it straight from a cheese snack source does seem a bit more fun.)

Earlier this year, Carl's Jr. pulled a similar stunt when the fast food brand released Western Bacon Cheeseburger-flavored French fries. The fries weren't topped with any fixin's, but instead coated in a seasoning that tasted as beefy, smoky, and spicy as an actual burger. The brand gave away shakers of the seasoning, which you can read more about here.

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