PSA: Oreo Lip Balm Is Here


There are enough types of Oreos already. Seriously: you can take a bit of a break, Nabisco. But if, somehow, Olympic Oreos and popcorn with Oreos weren’t enough for you, well… there’s this.

Folks, I give you Oreo Lip Balm.

Oreo Flavored Lip Balm! The tin it comes in is pretty awesome! Found at @itsugar

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Found by Instagram account @SnackBetch at IT’SUGAR, the weirdly-punctuated candy/convenience store usually spotted at highway rest stops, it would appear that this unique and perhaps unnecessary product is exactly what it says it is.

Stored in a container that looks like an Oreo, one simply twists it open and applies a sweetly-flavored balm that’ll moisturize your lips while making them smell like you just went to town on a bunch of Oreo cookies. The fact that it’s a (roughly) Oreo-sized container means you could potentially hide an actual Oreo in there once you finish the lip balm— provided you thoroughly empty and rinse it out to make sure you’re not, you know, eating lip balm by accident.

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Based on that Instagram, it would seem that Oreo doesn’t have a monopoly when it comes to smearing a sweet snack all over your lips, either. There appear to be Swedish Fish, Airheads, and maybe even Sour Patch Kid lip balm options as well.

If you’re too embarrassed to purchase this product IRL, can’t find an IT’SUGAR, or just want to buy in bulk, the good news is that this officially licensed Oreo product is also (technically) available from Amazon, though not at the moment it would seem.

This product may seem weird, but moisturizing is important. And with an oversaturation of fruit flavors out here, this odd Oreo option is at least a notable break from the norm. Who knows: maybe that Oreo flavor is so special that this ends up being the first lip balm tin you can actually finish before losing it.




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