Queen’s secret: The staggering number of personal chefs Queen has at same time revealed

Ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth II eats on a daily basis? Chef Darren McGrady, who was personal chef to Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Prince William and Prince Harry for 15 years reveals what goes on in the palace kitchen in his latest YouTube video.

According to Mr McGrady, during his stretch in the royal kitchen, the Queen had 20 chefs working for the family.

He said: “They were needed because they travelled all around the country to the different residences and all over the world too.”

The Royal family own 19 regal estates in Great Britain alone as part of the Crown Estate.

Mr McGrady previously revealed to the Daily Mail the chefs would often work long days, from 7am until 10pm.

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Mr McGrady is no stranger for cooking for important people, having cooked for five US presidents, monarchs across the globe, Oprah Winfrey throughout his impressive career.

Mr McGrady said he wouldn’t consider the Queen a ‘foodie’, but Prince Philip is extremely passionate about cooking and eating.

So what does the Queen eat every day? There’s certainly not a shortage of options.

The Queen has a menu board every day, and gets to pick from a list of options what she eats for every meal.

Mr McGrady said in the video: “The chefs would suggest the food and the Queen would choose what she wanted each day.”

He also revealed the Queen hated eating garlic and would ban it from the table when she was present.

Who doesn’t like a McDonald’s every now and then? The Queen, apparently.

After a follower asked Mr McGrady if the Queen ever ordered fast food, he quickly denied the suggestion.

He said: “The Queen never ordered fast food. You know, when you’ve got 20 chefs in the kitchen, why would you?

“You’d just call down to the kitchen and order whatever food you want. That’s what the Queen or the Royal Family would do.”

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However, the Royal Family aren’t completely fast-food-virgins, with Prince William and Prince Harry dabbling in the cuisine as children.

Mr McGrady added: “William and Harry loved McDonald’s food when they were small.

“But, I’m told that it’s because of the little toys and not the burgers.”

William and Harry have since become keen cooks themselves, he said. But what about the Queen?

Mr McGrady revealed the Queen never really cooks for herself. Why would you with 20 chefs at your disposal?

Her husband the Duke of Edinburgh enjoys cooking up a storm on the grill though.

The chef said: “Prince Philip was an amazing chef. He loved to cook on the grill, he loved to cook at Balmoral.

“He’d teach me things and he was so knowledgeable. The Queen no, not so much.

“The junior royals cooked too, and of course William and Kate, Harry and Meghan, they love to cook.”

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